Yahoo Answers Closed Early May 2021, Why Did They Take This Decision

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Allreviewgadget – In the past, sending questions and answering questions via Yahoo Answers became commonplace. However, nowadays almost all questions can be answered just by doing a search on Google Search. Finally, after more than 16 years of popularity in cyberspace, Yahoo Answer is officially closed.

Why is Yahoo Answers Closed?

When asked about this, their official answer was that their popularity had steadily declined in recent years. In addition, now it feels like you can’t give the initial promise, to provide trusted premium content.

Moreover, sites like this are hard to make a profit. So far, the contents of Yahoo Answer are not too many advertisements. Meanwhile, his party has to spend an extra budget to pay for servers and employees.

Has Switched Ownership

Yahoo Answers
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As quoted from Buzzfeed News, Verizon, one of the leading mobile operators in the United States, has been the owner of the Q&A platform since 2017. This platform also became one of several projects owned by Yahoo, which was eventually shut down.

Previously, Yahoo had closed Geocities in 2009, a platform like a web hosting. Then other projects such as were sold in 2011. In the same year, Yahoo Messenger also closed. Followed by Yahoo Groups the following year.

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Even so, there are still several other services from Yahoo that are still running today. Some of them are Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Sports, and Yahoo Mail. You will no longer be able to use Yahoo Answers starting April 20th. On April 4, the Yahoo Answer site will slowly be taken down. Users who wish to retrieve personal data can log in until June 30, 2021. will always give you something update about gadgets, like smartphones, laptops, smartwatches, etc. We hope you enjoy our review about gadgets. Thank you for your support and your comment.

Source: Gizmologi


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