Xiaomi Smart Glasses: Glasses That Have Advanced Technology

Xiaomi Smart Glasses.

Xiaomi has just introduced its latest product in the form of glasses. These glasses are called Xiaomi Smart Glasses. These glasses are equipped with sophisticated technology, although currently, it is still only a concept. However, this proves that Xiaomi is one of the leading IoT manufacturers. These glasses can display a variety of important information needed without the need to open a smartphone. Xiaomi Smart Glasses are capable of displaying messages and notifications, making calls, navigation services, capturing photos, and translating text right before the user’s eyes.

Xiaomi Smart Glasses Adapt MicroLED Technology

Xiaomi Smart Glasses..

Adopt MicroLED imaging technology to reduce space requirements in terms of the structure of the glasses design. Like OLED, MicroLED pixels light up individually so the display can be brighter with deeper blacks. The advantage of MicroLED is that it has a higher pixel density and a longer lifespan.

These glasses have a display chip measuring 2.4 x 2.02 mm. Xiaomi uses a monochrome screen because it is very efficient and is able to display a maximum brightness level of up to 2 million nits. It is also useful for ensuring that incoming light passes through a fairly complex optical structure before it reaches the eye even during the day. Optical waveguide technology has significantly reduced the size and weight of these glasses. So that these glasses can approach the shape of glasses in general.

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Integration of 497 Components & SensorsĀ 

Xiaomi Smart Glasses

Integrate as many as 497 components including sensors and communication modules in a small size. So these glasses are not just a second screen of a smartphone. But it functions as a smart terminal with independent operational capabilities. These glasses can also perform functions independently such as navigating, taking photos, being a teleprompter, and translating text and images directly.

In addition, the navigation function becomes very important when driving a vehicle. Can display the map in front of the user directly. So that the user’s attention remains undistracted from the road. Users can also take a photo using the 5MP resolution camera in front of the glasses and translate text directly.

To be able to operate with these features, it takes a number of components installed into the glasses such as a quad-core ARM processor, battery, touchpad, Wifi/Bluetooth module, Android operating system, and many more.

Xiaomi Smart Glasses look like ordinary glasses but are able to give something more with a variety of interesting features. Unfortunately, these glasses are still only a concept. There is still no information on when these smart glasses will release.


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