Xiaomi Reveals The Secret To Heat Dissipation On The Mi Mix Fold


Allreviewgadget.com – Some time ago, Xiaomi announced their latest folding cellphone called the Mi Mix Fold. Xiaomi also provided an explanation of the latest heat dissipation technology used by the Mi Mix Fold.

How Does Xiaomi Cope With It?

Source: GSMArena

The main problem with the foldable phone is the heat dissipation capacity which is very dependent on the status of its folding capability. The side of the device that houses the processor tends to collect more heat. In an article posted on Weibo, Xiaomi said how they can solve the problem.

The butterfly heat dissipation mechanism they developed for the phone allows an efficient cooling system from one side of the device to the other via a hinge mechanism. This makes the total cooling area much larger than a non-foldable phone. “The Mi Mix Fold is equipped with the most luxurious and cutting-edge multi-dimensional heat dissipation technology in the industry,” said Xiaomi.

Mi Mix Fold combines liquid cool, thermal gel, multilayer graphite sheet, bending resistant graphite sheet, and copper foil sheet. This makes the phone has a heat dissipation surface area of ​​22,583.7 square mm. Xiaomi developed a “heat transfer tunnel”. This is to bridge the heat dissipation on both sides of the cellphone. Xiaomi made this “tunnel” from bend-resistant graphite material.

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Meanwhile, the resistance to heat bending is caused by the use of “micro airbag bionic knuckle” leather along with graphite. This keeps heat flowing smoothly even when you are folding the cellphone. This material will only lose 3-5% of its ability to transfer heat after being folded 180 degrees 200,000 times.

The Mi Mix Fold using Snapdragon 888 chipset. The external and internal folding screens measure 6.52 and 8.01 inches, respectively. This is an innovative component of Xiaomi’s newest foldable device. It has a battery capacity of 5020 mAh and supports 67W fast charging. There is also a 108MP main camera, a 13MP ultra-wide camera, and an 8MP telephoto camera.


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