Xiaomi Pad 5: Affordable Tablet & Powerful Performance

Xiaomi Pad 5.

The Xiaomi Pad 5 is the latest tablet from Xiaomi that arrived late but comes in a pretty promising package. This tablet is the successor of the Mi Pad 4 series which was present in the middle of 2018. Present as a mid-range tablet of choice and trying to offer more premium quality than its competitors.


Xiaomi Pad 5
Source: mi.co.id

Comes with a thin bezel where it is only 6.9mm thick and weighs 511 grams. Carrying a flat bezel made of aluminum which makes this tablet feel solid in the hand. The back body uses a plastic material and there is a 13MP camera. While on the front there is an 8MP resolution camera. Unfortunately, this one tablet is quite easy to get dirty and difficult to clean. This tablet is also not equipped with a fingerprint sensor. Other drawbacks are the absence of a GPS feature, no cellular network support, a microSD card slot, and no 3.5mm audio jack. Around the tablet is only dominated by 4 speaker holes. Maybe because of its thin design, the Xiaomi Pad 5 doesn’t have enough space to embed these features.

The screen uses an IPS panel, supports 10-bit content with 1 billion colors, HDR10, Dolby Vision up to a high refresh rate of 120Hz. This tablet also supports the True Display feature to adjust the color temperature, adjust ambient lighting. The screen ratio is 16:10. Xiaomi also provides an accessory option in the form of a Smart Pen, which has high responsiveness and 4,096 pressure points. Additional stylus and keyboard covers will be officially present later.

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Features & Performance Xiaomi Pad 5

Xiaomi Pad 5..

This tablet runs the MIUI for Pad interface which looks very similar to the smartphone version of MIUI. Most of the existing applications still use the mobile display. However, at least Xiaomi provides a way to optimize the screen with a split-screen or floating window for multitasking. The chipset used is also quite powerful, namely the Snapdragon 860 7nm with an octa-core CPU with the highest clock speed of 2.96GHz. Trending games like Mobile Legends can of course be run lightly and even body temperature is maintained. When compared to the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite, this tablet is much faster.

The battery capacity of this tablet is also quite large, reaching 8,720 mAh. Quite large for a thin tablet. This tablet also supports 33W fast charging. With a power-efficient chipset, it should be enough for a full day of intensive use or 2 days of light use.


The tablet has a premium design, superior screen, fast performance, and a large battery capacity. The absence of a fingerprint sensor, no LTE option, and the absence of other features on this tablet do not really interfere with the performance of daily use. The Xiaomi Pad 5 retails for $350.64.

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