Xiaomi Mijia 2C Robot Vacuum Cleaner: Can Prevent Bacterial Growth

Xiaomi Mijia 2C Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Xiaomi has just launched a floor cleaning robot named Xiaomi Mijia 2C Robot Vacuum Cleaner. This robot is the successor of the Mijia 1C Robot Vacuum Cleaner which Xiaomi launched in October 2019.

This robot comes with several improvements compared to its predecessor. It has a hexagonal full-flap side brush and a 0.1 mm ultra-dense fiber master brush. able to clean the corners of the house and floor gaps. This robot also packs high-pressure mops to provide optimal results.

Reporting from Gizmochina, this robot uses ultra-fine fiber anti-bacterial flexible tissue. Coated with a high molecular polymer antibacterial agent. Can inhibit bacterial growth for a long time. Xiaomi designed this robot with a suction power of 2,100 Pa with a 4-speed suction model, a 550 ml dust box that can instantly remove dust. The robot also has an electronically controlled 250 ml water tank. So that it can be used to mop the floor clean.

For battery life, the Mijia 2C Robot Vacuum Cleaner has increased from a larger capacity, which is 3,200 mAh. This battery capacity can reach 110 minutes of operation in standard mode.

This vacuum robot interaction has also increased. Provides more advanced map management functions. This robot is capable of partition cleaning and map editing. Allows users to control the cleaning process in real-time through the Mijia app. Do not miss the voice control via XiaoAI for convenience. The price for the Xiaomi Mijia 2C Robot Vacuum Cleaner is $235.26.

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