Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite Review: Cheap Smartwatch From Xiaomi

Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite

Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite – Xiaomi, which was previously famous for its affordable Smartband, this time has released another cheap Smartwatch at a price of $ 64.10. The Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite is a cheap smartwatch with lots of features and long battery life.


Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite - DesignThe Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite weighs 35 grams which makes this smartwatch so light. The quality of the materials used on this band does not have a premium feel, but it is comfortable and strong. This watch is claimed to have water resistance up to 5 ATMs. Comes with 3 color variants, namely, Black, Ivory, and Navy Blue. Five color choices for the straps and more than 129 watch face themes and customizable watch face functions for your lifestyle. It is rectangular with large bezels and curves at the corners of the clock and the sides of the screen. On the side, there is only one button that has the function to access the menu. On the back of the watch is a sensor near the heart and a charging pin. Uses a special band that cannot be replaced with a standard bracelet.

Screen & Battery

Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite - ScreenThe Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite has a screen size of 1.4 inches with a resolution of 320 x 320 pixels. Thanks to that, the watch display looks smooth. This clock screen uses TFT technology. In the sun the watch face can still be seen. This  Watch does not have a Gorilla Glass screen protector which makes the watch screen prone to cracks. One important thing that is very unfortunate is that there is no Always On Display option so it needs to be activated manually or by moving your hand.

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It has a 230mAh battery, which is claimed to last up to 9 days for general use and 10 hours for continuous GPS sports mode. Xiaomi also claims this watch only takes 2 hours to charge up to 100%.

Performance & Features

To use This watch, you need to install a companion app, namely Xiaomi Wear Lite which is available for iOS and Xiaomi Wear for Android users. This application functions as a dashboard for displaying data and also for setting up or adding content to the watch. Xiaomi Wear has a simple and clear display. In this application, you can also accuse additional Watchface if the default Watchface is lacking.

The Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite does not support installing applications from third parties so the watch’s function is limited to built-in features. This watch can also display notifications that appear on your cellphone, ranging from phone call info, text, and application notifications. Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite supports GPS, compass, and Bluetooth 5.0. on the sensor section, this watch doesn’t have a SpO2 detector yet.

In the sports features section, this watch provides 11 sport modes ranging from Outdoor Running, Treadmill, Outdoor Cycling, Pool Swimming, Free Training, Open Water Swimming, Cricket, Trekking, Cross-country Running, Walking, and Indoor Cycling. Another useful feature of the Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite is the music control feature that is played on the cellphone. There is a reminder feature to keep you active after being idle for too long.

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With GPS + GLONASS positioning and other smart sensors, this watch can accurately track your trajectory, speed, distance, and calories burned to give you a clear picture of your training status. Other features that the Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite has are weather info, alarm, flashlight, and timer.


Having a small and lightweight design makes this watch comfortable to use. Has a long battery life so you don’t have to bother charging your watch. Has 11 sports features that record your movements in real-time. The Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite is sold at an affordable price of $ 64.10.

Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite Specification :

Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite - Specification

Dimension 41 x 35 x 10,99 mm
Weight 35 gram
Screen TFT LCD 1,4”

320 x 320 pixels

Water Resistance 5 ATM
Battery 230 mAh
Sensor Accelerometer, gyroscope, ambient light sensor, barometer, heart rate, compass
Color Black, Ivory, Navy Blue
Sports 11 sports mode

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