Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Has a Bigger Screen

Xiaomi Mi Band 7

Soon, the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 will be launching soon. This wearable device will have a screen that is claimed to be a quarter-time larger than its predecessor. It’s been a year since the release of the Mi Band 6 and now Xiaomi is getting ready to release its seventh generation wearable. In the official account on Weibo, Xiaomi confirmed that the new Mi Band will also be launched on May 24. May 24 is scheduled to be the launch event for Xiaomi’s newest smartphone, the Note 11T Series. Launching from Slashgear, on that date, Xiaomi will also introduce the Mi Band 7.

Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Screen is 25% Larger

Xiaomi Mi Band 7

In a post on Weibo, it can be seen that the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 screen size is 25% larger than the Mi Band 6. Band 7 reaches 1.62 inches with an AMOLED panel. While the Mi Band 6 only has a 1.56-inch screen.

In addition, Xiaomi has made several changes in terms of the User Interface. Later, this smartband will support more sophisticated gesture technology and fresh UI elements. For information, larger screen size can display very long text. In this case, SMS, notifications, and others.

Not much has been leaked by Xiaomi regarding the latest features in this smartband. but Xiaomi promises that there will be many additional sensors to monitor the health of users. Some of these include the ability to detect heart rate, blood oxygen data, weather alerts, and user exercise data.

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The plan, this smartband will be sold first in China. Then followed other countries in the world such as parts of Asia, India, and almost all of Europe. You could say, Mi Band is the most popular wearable device released by Xiaomi. Overall, Xiaomi has sold 40 million Mi Band units worldwide. As a reminder, the first generation Mi Band was launched in 2014.

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