Xiaomi Indonesia Boss Accuses Infinix of Cheating

Xiaomi and Infinix Argue

There has been an online feud between the Xiaomi boss and the Infinix mobile phone vendor. Country Director of Xiaomi Indonesia, Alvin Tse, did not accept Infinix’s post on Instagram which was considered misleading. Infinix posted on Instagram a comparison of its smartphone, Infinix HOT 10S with a smartphone dubbed “Katanya Jawara”. The smartphone refers to the Redmi 9T from Xiaomi.

Mentioned, the comparison between the two specs, from the battery, screen, camera, processor, and others. Infinix also marks which part of its smartphone specs is superior to the Redmi 9T. “At this competitive price, the Infinix HOT 10S has “no debate” to be an option,” said Infinix.

This post invites anger and protests from Alvin Tse. Ian immediately threw a rebuttal about the specs that he considered wrong. For example, a screen that should be FHD+. “I don’t usually comment directly on others but this is really bad and misleading. This is fraud and misleading and there is no place for fraudulent marketing like this in this industry. We at Xiaomi welcome healthy competition that increases benefits for users but will not tolerate any cheating to consumers. We have the right to voice this to the Ministry for misleading advertisements,” said Xiaomi’s boss.

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The comment was not visible on Infinix’s Instagram and Alvin on Twitter stated his post was intentionally hidden. “The admin hid my post because I was telling the truth, it’s really very dishonest,” protested Alvin. Netizens were also busy commenting on this feud. Many Mi Fans joined the protest against Infinix. However, there are also those who think that Xiaomi itself has often compared its products with the specifications of other products at the launch of their cellphones. So you shouldn’t feel like a victim.

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