Will There Be a New MacBook Pro at WWDC 2022?

WWDC 2022

Every year, Apple often holds two big events that many people look forward to. Generally held in the first semester, this year the World Wide Developer Conference or WWDC 2022 will again be held in early June.

Even though the current pandemic situation is getting better, Apple will still be holding this event entirely online. At least everyone from various places can take part in WWDC 2022 for free and easily. This event will take place from 6 June to 10 June 2022. Application developers can participate in all available sessions during this period.

Even so, Apple also said that it would hold a special event. On the first day of WWDC 2022, Apple will invite a number of application developers and students to Apple Park to watch the keynote, aka the event that takes place offline. Similar to Google I/O which was also attended by a number of people and not fully before the pandemic.

Held Online

WWDC 2022

From Apple’s official release, it is said that this event will provide more sessions with additional information. This includes teaching materials and digital gathering places for communication with fellow developers and more local content. Since this is a developer-first event, it is certain that Apple will introduce the latest version of the software for all its devices later. Considering that iOS 15 is currently quite ready, it is certain that Apple will introduce iOS 16 later.

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In addition to new software, usually, Apple will announce additional services or improvements from the previous one. Like at WWDC 2021, where the new iCloud Plus service with Privacy Relay was introduced. After iOS 16 was introduced, later developers can try the first beta developer version in the near future.

Any New Macs at WWDC 2022?

WWDC 2022

Previously, many had announced that at least one new device would be released. If not the new version of the Mac Pro, the MacBook Air has not changed its model for a long time. However, this rumor seems to have been debunked by a number of analysts. According to Bloomberg, Mark Gurman, Apple will release a new MacBook Air this fall. This statement is also in accordance with a report from Ming-Chi Kuo who said that Apple’s laptop production will only start next September. Therefore, it will not appear at WWDC 2022.

So only the Mac Pro is left which is likely to be released or may appear in the form of a teaser. Mark Gurman speculates that the Mac Pro will use the latest Apple M2 chip. As for the Apple M1 chip, there are no new variants other than the Ultra which was released last March.

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