VIVO X Note: VIVO’s Flagship Smartphone with Four ZEISS Cameras

Vivo X Note

This year, Vivo seems to be releasing new smartphones more often than the previous year. Vivo introduced three new smartphone variants in their flagship line. One of them is the Vivo X Note which is not the same as Samsung.

Vivo uses the naming “note” to better reflect the screen size of its smartphones. In other words, you will not find a stylus on this smartphone. However, for this purpose, Vivo provides the Vivo Pad series which is equipped with a keyboard as well as a stylus.

Having a large design, this smartphone comes with a fairly thin profile in the range of 8.3mm, as well as 3D curved corners on the left and right sides. Just like the Vivo X Fold, the Vivo X Note’s design is also updated with an extra-large rear camera module. In addition to the circular module, there is also a black frame that is made reflective like glass. The two color options for the Vivo X Note will also use vegan leather on the entire rear body.

Vivo X Note has a Special Fingerprint Sensor

Vivo X Note

The screen of this smartphone is not only large but also has extra features. The 7-inch panel on this smartphone uses Samsung’s E5 AMOLED with QHD + with a refresh rate of 120Hz. To save power, this smartphone also supports LTPO.

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Unlike smartphones in general, the screen ratio of this smartphone is made a little unique, which is 21:10. Vivo believes that this ratio is the most suitable for entertainment needs as well as productivity. Besides being able to light up to 1,500 nits, it has also received an A+ score from DisplayMate. So that the color accuracy and quality of the panel is no longer in doubt.

In addition, the use of Qualcomm’s 3D Sonic Max module makes the new Janis fingerprint sensor have larger dimensions. It can even be used for two fingers at once. Users can activate the two-finger authentication feature for certain applications such as banking, for the best level of security.

This large body is used to place a number of extra features such as a color temperature sensor, infrared sensor, and a physical slider to turn off the sound. Carrying IP68 certification and a 5000mAh battery capacity, this smartphone can be fully charged in just 32 minutes via a dual battery system and 80W current.

The Camera is Equipped with Special Stabilization

Vivo X Note

This smartphone runs the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset and has a cooling system with a fairly wide diameter of 47,132mm square. Security features are added with a dedicated SPU, supported by stealth mode options to ensure camera, GPS and microphone are in one touch.

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This smartphone also excels in the camera aspect. Using a ZEISS lens with an anti-reflective coating, the main sensor of this camera has a resolution of 50MP ISOCELL GN1 with large pixels and OIS. Furthermore, there is a 2x optical zoom telephoto sensor, a 5x optical periscope (60x zoom) also supported by OIS, and lastly, there is a 12MP ultra wide-angle sensor with an angle of 114 degrees.

In addition, the Vivo X Note is also equipped with a video-only night mode. Plus a “360 Horizon Stabilization” feature where the camera will automatically straighten the horizon in the video. The Vivo X Note is priced at CNY5,999 or around $942.13 for the 8/256GB variant. Meanwhile, the 12/512GB variant sells for CNY6,999 or around $1099.18.

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