Vivo Wireless Sport Lite, Neckband Bluetooth Earphones From Vivo

Vivo Wireless Sport Lite

This time, Vivo presents its newest accessory. Still in the TWS type, but more in the neckband series. Their latest accessory is the Vivo Wireless Sport Lite. Comes at a relatively low price. This type of wireless earphone device has much longer battery life. Unlike the TWS which has to fit into the charging case to charge. This wireless earphone is also safer when used while exercising because it won’t come off or fall off.

Vivo Wireless Sport Lite is designed to be comfortable and not burdensome to the user’s neck. Has an overall weight of only 23.9 grams. For precision in the ear, there are 3 choices of ear tips. Plus “ear braces cradle” that can be adjusted to other parts of the ear.

Vivo Wireless Sport Lite Specifications

Vivo Wireless Sport Lite.
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Comes with 2 different color variants, namely blue and black. Already have IPX4 certification, so it doesn’t matter if you get wet or sweat. Of course, the most important thing in an earphone is the sound quality. Vivo Wireless Sport Lite has an 11.2mm “moving coil” diameter driver. Features high polymer diaphragm material, supports low-frequency sound. The coil itself is made of aluminum-coated bronze material. This aims to make the instruments of the song clearly heard by the user.

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In its development, the Vivo Wireless Sport Lite has been customized by Golden Ears Acoustic Lab, to make it suitable for playing songs from various genres. The microphone that is claimed to be sensitive can also provide noise cancellation when on the phone so that you can focus more on the person you are talking to. Supports Bluetooth standard 5. The 80ms latency it delivers will be quite suitable for playing casual games. There is a volume button near the microphone and a dedicated button for calling the voice assistant. This device can also be connected to various devices easily.

This device can be connected from one smartphone to another without turning off Bluetooth. Just hold down the volume up and down buttons together and the earphone will switch devices automatically. When approaching a Vivo smartphone, an automatic pop-up will appear for pairing. If you don’t want to use it, just attach the two earbuds via the magnetic system. The device will go into standby mode to save power. For usage time, this one device can last up to 18 hours. While 10 minutes of charging, you can use it for up to 5 hours.


Vivo Wireless Sport Lite is priced at an affordable price of $27.89. You can buy this device on May 24. The same date to pre-order the Vivo V21 5G. In the future, Vivo also plans to present a 4G variant of the smartphone.

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