Vivo TWS 2 Series Has a Special Wind Silencer

Vivo TWS 2 Series..

Vivo launched its newest audio device that is included in the Vivo TWS 2 Series, each named Vivo TWS 2 ANC and TWS 2e. For accessories, Vivo is not as aggressive as other vendors. The first TWS, Vivo TWS comes with a standard design and does not come with eartips. The design may not be suitable for everyone. Therefore, now the Vivo TWS Series comes with the design of each earbud.

If you are familiar with the design of the AirPods Pro, it will look similar. Not only the earbud design but also the charging case. To make it look different, Vivo provides different color options, namely Moonlight White and Starry Blue.

Has a Special Wind Absorber


Each earbud weighs 4.7 grams, while the total weight with the case reaches 41.9 grams. The design of the two Vivo TWS 2 series is no different. The only difference is the features, where the ā€œeā€ series comes as a budget package, without much AI enhancement.

Vivo TWS 2 Series.

Vivo TWS 2 is equipped with special DEEP-HD Audio technology and a noise cancellation feature that can reduce outside noise up to 40Db. This is very useful for those of you who want to focus on listening to music or on the phone. Take advantage of a total of three microphones in each earbud. The three microphones are combined with AI technology. So they are able to provide three levels of dynamic noise reduction to choose from. Not only that but voice calls outside the room will also be heard clearly. It is because of the duct wind reduction feature that can eliminate wind noise by up to 148%.

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Both series have drivers with a diameter of 12.2mm that use selected materials to provide the best acoustic sound. Supporting the AAC/SBC codec, TWS 2 ANC is also compatible with the higher bitrate aptX Adaptive standard. The connectivity of the two is also the same, using the Bluetooth 5.2 standard, but the latency is slightly different. For TWS 2e, the maximum latency is 117ms, while the ANC version is up to 88ms via AI Dynamic Low Latency technology. Not only that, but the ANC version also supports wear detection and the Google Fast Pair protocol for easy connection to Android smartphones.

Vivo TWS 2 Series Batteries Included Durable

Vivo TWS 2 Series

The battery capacity and duration of use of the two are approximately the same. Having a battery capacity of 43 mAh on the earbuds and 485 mAh on the case, the TWS 2e can be used for up to 7.6 hours non-stop or 30 hours in total. While the ANC version can be used for up to 7.3 hours and 29 hours without ANC or 4.1 hours with ANC. The charging process takes 110 minutes via the USB-C cable protocol. If you are interested in owning one, the Vivo TWS 2 ANC retails for $77.85. while the 2e variant is sold at a lower price at $56.60.

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