Vivo Patents Smartphone Design With a Camera That Can Fly

Vivo Patents Smartphone Design With a Camera That Can Fly

Vivo, the Chinese vendor, has just registered a design patent for a cell phone with a camera that can be removed and flies like a drone. It looks like Vivo is planning to develop a phone with a unique design.

The patent was discovered by the LetsGoDigital blog. Based on the LetsGoDigital report, this patent was registered with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) last year and published on July 1, 2021.

The patent contains several images showing the design of the phone. The screen looks large with the power and volume buttons on the right side. At the top, there is a slot that can be removed and takes out the camera module. The camera is equipped with a propeller like a drone. This camera has four propellers, two cameras, and an infrared sensor.

The camera also has its own battery which can be recharged while the phone is charging. The drone operator may be able to operate this camera using a cellphone to take photos or videos.

Has Its Own Advantages and Disadvantages

Vivo Patents Smartphone Design With a Camera That Can Fly
Source: LetsGoDigital

Although it is still in the form of a concept, this Vivo smartphone can have its own advantages. For example, photographers who don’t want to carry a large drone can rely on this flying camera. However, of course, there are also drawbacks. If Vivo wants to insert this drone into the body of the phone, then it has to be as thin as possible. However, drones that are too thin and light will easily be carried by the wind making it difficult to control.

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The space taken up by the drone in the body of the phone will also affect its internal parts. Vivo was forced to make some sacrifices, for example by using a smaller battery. In addition, if the camera is often in and out of the phone body, it is feared that water and dust will easily enter the interior of the cell phone.

It is still unknown whether Vivo will make and launch this unique phone. Because not all registered patents will succeed and become finished products. But at least they managed to develop an innovative and unique smartphone design concept.

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