Twitter Releases “Tip Jar”, Can Become An Income Farm For Users

Twitter Tip Jar..

The use of social media is inseparable from everyday life. However, what if social media platforms become a source of income? Twitter tries to present it through “Tip Jar”.

So far, Twitter users have not been able to get additional income directly from the platform owner. So, so far, tweeting has only been pro-bono in nature. Seeing this, Twitter wants to provide an easier and more official way for its users to make it easier to get income. For this reason, the Tip Jar is present to a handful of users on probation. That way, followers of an account can provide support for more than just liking a tweet.

Only Available For Few English Accounts

Twitter Tip Jar
Source: Gizmologi

The presence of Tip Jar will encourage the public to use the Twitter platform. Because it is still in the early launch, this feature is only being rolled out for a randomly selected number of profiles. To be precise are accounts that always speak English, both Android and iOS. Account types that can also get this feature are groups such as content creators, journalists, and non-profit organizations. In the future, of course, there will be more accounts that can install Tip Jar and are available for various other languages.

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Twitter Tip Jar Feature Benefit

Twitter Tip Jar.
Source: Gizmologi

Instead of providing a direct link in a tweet such as a PayPal or Venom account. Through Tip Jar, account information for an account can be found directly through their profile. Later, if you like information from an account and want to provide a tip, simply access the profile.

Later, next to the following, notification, and sending messages button, there will be a new button to access Tip Jar. After being pressed, the money was not carried on just like that. But you will see what account options the profile provides. Meanwhile, only supports services from Bandcamp, Cash App, Patreon, PayPal, and Venom. For Android users, Tips can also be sent via the room on Twitter Spaces.

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