These Are The New Features of iOS 15 Officially Introduced by Apple

These Are The New Features of iOS 15 Officially Introduced by Apple

Apple opened the 2021 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) by introducing iOS 15. Curious what are the new features of the operating system for this iPhone? Check out the following.


Apple iOS 15 FaceTimes

Apple’sbrings many updates to its messaging app. Now the view when making a group call is gridded, with the person speaking at the top. The Spatial Audio feature is now available on FaceTime. Interestingly, Apple provides the ability to drown out surrounding noise so it doesn’t interfere with conversation.

In addition, users can create FaceTimelinks to invite friends to chat. Not only for Apple users, Android or Windows users can join by opening the link via their browser. Apple guarantees the security of all these processes. There is also a SharePlay feature that allows us to share the screen. Listen to music and watch movies during a FaceTime call.


Messages in iOS 15 feature new ways to share content like pictures, music, podcasts, Apple News articles and more. Users can view shared content forward more easily.


Apple iOS 15 Focus

To help users stay focused while doing other tasks, Apple added many features to minimize the amount of distraction that could occur. Now comes the Notification Summary which displays a summary of notifications that can be given to users whenever they want. Merge all the most important items into one message.

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In Focus, there are modes that can be set for different situations. This feature can be activated depending on where the user is. For example, a fitness mode is configured for the user while in the gym.

Live Text

Live Text

This is the automatic optical character recognition feature of the camera application. Users can point the camera at text on a board, sign, or page, and Live Text. Makes it selectable, copied, and pasted elsewhere. This feature can also conveniently scan images, including previously captured photos and web images. This feature includes support for seven languages and can recognize objects and scenes.


Photos now appear in Spotlight search results. Contact search also got an improvement, complete with indicating whether Do Not Disturb mode is enabled by them. Featuring information for actors, movies, and other types of content.


Users can add songs in Apple Music in Memory. So that it can accompany photo slides to be more interesting. Apple provides Memory Mixes which allow users to edit the resulting Memory, to improve it in various ways.



wallet is gaining the ability to use the app as digital identification at airports across the United States. After scanning a driver’s license or ID from a number of states it can be used as a digital ID with TSA, and other services. There is also a new lock feature for homes, hotels, and offices.

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Weather now features a completely new design. There are high-res in-app maps and new background animations. Apple also brings changes to the display based on conditions.


Maps provide a much more detailed view of the globe and 3D in a number of cities. There are new road details to help drivers and more information in the Transit view. Maps automatically follow users during transit routes and can remind you when to get off, as well as offer more detailed directional information.

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