Telegram Group Video Call Feature Coming in May 2021

Telegram Group Video Call

Telegram is one of the most popular messaging applications. Even so, this application still lags behind in certain features. The Telegram group video call feature is still missing.

Of course, this feature will attract more users, especially during a pandemic. However, the good news is, this feature will be coming to Telegram soon. Through a post from the CEO, Pavel Durov, this feature will be available in May. Not just a video call between two people, but in wider use, namely video. Its features will be more interactive than WhatsApp.

Telegram Group Video Call More Sophisticated

Telegram Group Video Call..
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According to a report from Yahoo! Finance, the Telegram group video call feature was planned to be available last year. However, Telegram changed its focus. This feature was not realized until finally, it entered the final period in May 2021. Previously, Telegram had featured the group voice chats feature. Its abilities are similar to Clubhouse, integrated with a chat group. The difference is, besides being able to display videos from each member, there will be other video features that can be used.

Durov said, features such as screen sharing, encrypted call lines, noise-canceling features, to multi-platform support. The Telegram group video call feature will also be present on computers / PCs and tablets.

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The Number of Telegram Users Continues to Increase

Telegram Group Video Call.

For information, the use of Telegram has increased significantly during the pandemic. Although the group video call feature does not yet exist, the number of Telegram users has increased to 400 million, who actively use Telegram every month. Telegram also continues to make regular updates to its application on various platforms such as iOS and Android. Abroad, business people can take advantage of the easy payment feature. Can be integrated into a chat. Meanwhile, in a group, members can schedule voice calls.

For smartphone users without Google services or wanting to download the application directly, Telegram is now available directly from the official website for Android. Downloaded apps will get updates faster. Because it doesn’t need to be reviewed by the app store.

For desktop users, Telegram is also rolling out two different versions of a browser-specific application. You can try each one; Telegram Web K and Telegram Web Z. are both efficiently designed at 400KB in size. Can work without the need for an internet connection from a smartphone.


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