TCL X5, Smart AC That Saves Electricity and Cools Fast


In the current pandemic, many activities are carried out at home. To be more comfortable at home with cool air, having an air conditioner is an essential need, such as the TCL X5. There are many brands of AC on the market. Good quality, saving electricity, and affordable prices are the main choices. One of the AC products that can be considered is the TCL X5. TCL X5 answers the needs of people living in tropical countries. What’s more, this air conditioner offers features that quickly cool down and save electricity.

Feature of The TCL X5

This AC already has a Fast Cooling System, so it can cool the room temperature faster. Even in just 30 seconds for a temperature of 18 degrees. Likewise, if the weather is cold and you want a warmer atmosphere, you can set the temperature to 40 degrees in 60 seconds.


If you want to save more power, press Eco Mode for a steady 26°C program with optimal efficiency. This mode is designed to be more environmentally friendly. Saves on electricity bills and maintains a tight temperature range. Besides being able to cool the room temperature faster, this air conditioner also has Smart Air Flow. So that users can adjust the direction of the AC fan according to their wishes and can even be set in four different directions.

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This air conditioner also has an anti-bacterial filter and has a self-cleaning program. This will really help to remove bacteria in the room and filter out small debris. So that family members stay healthy and avoid pollution.

AC TCL X5 is equipped with a Cleaning Reminder that helps the air conditioner automatically detect the time and remind to clean the filter. This air conditioner already has a coated air filter that is easy to clean if there is a regular service schedule. In addition, there is also Freon R410A which makes the air conditioner heat resistant and there is no risk of burning and not easily leaking.


One of the interesting features of this AC is the support for Smart App connectivity. This feature allows setting the room temperature in advance and enabling/disabling the timer for total control on the go. If you’re interested, this one AC sells for $164.91.

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