Sony ZV-1F: A Dedicated Pocket Camera for Vloggers

Sony ZV-1F

The Sony ZV-Series is a Sony line of cameras focused on vloggers and content creators. Success with the ZV-1 and ZV-E10, this time Sony introduced its newest camera, the ZV-1F. It is the most affordable camera in the ZV-series line.

By design, this camera still looks similar to its predecessor, both in dimensions and color choices, namely black and white. The body is dominated by recycled plastic material and weighs only 229 grams. So what makes it different from its predecessors? Check out the following reviews.

Already Using USB-C Port

Sony ZV-1F
Source: Sony

This camera still carries a large 1-inch sensor that is starting to be used in smartphones today such as the Xiaomi 12S Ultra. However, it’s kind of without optical zoom capability. It has an f/2.0 aperture, but with a wider viewing angle, reaching 20mm. That way, the viewing angle when recording can be wider.

In addition, Sony also provides digital zoom capabilities of up to 4x without significantly reducing quality. Sony has replaced the micro-USB port with USB-C. The connection can be used to charge the battery, as well as connect it to a computer to make it a plug-and-play webcam.

Sony is also still using the contrast-based type, Sony also does not provide a phase-detection autofocus feature. However, it claims that the focus tracking performance is not much different. Other than that, the interface has also been updated, making it easier to access via touchscreen mode. This includes recording, zooming, recording indicators, and timers before the video recording process begins.

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Sony ZV-1F Features

Sony ZV-1F
Source: Sony

This camera has many features. Comes with 3 capsule microphones, complete with additional accessories to remove wind noise. Its 3-inch screen can also be rotated and opened, including being directed forward. Without optical stabilization, Sony provides an EIS-based alternative that will crop video footage. Not only that, the Background Blur mode is also available, complete with Product Showcase. Make the camera will automatically focus on the object in front of it.

For the battery, this camera is claimed to be able to record video for up to 60 minutes. While the highest video resolution reaches 4K 24/30fps. In addition, this camera can detect portrait videos for content such as Instagram Reels. Interested to have it? You can get this camera for USD500. Hopefully, this review can help you in choosing the camera you want.

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