Sony QX10, 10x Zoom Portable Camera Sensor for Smartphones

Sony QX10

Currently, many entertainment events such as music concerts have begun to be held again. This is because the pandemic conditions are increasingly under control in various countries. Many people come to concerts and record their favorite artists using smartphones. But sometimes it makes it difficult for those who watch from a distance away from the stage. Although smartphones like the Galaxy S22 Ultra can provide very far image and video enlargements, the price is still too expensive. While the latest iPhone users can only get 3x optical zoom through the iPhone 13 Pro. Therefore, Sony released the Sony QX10 to help shoot from afar. But actually, these accessories are a quite old school.

Advantages of Sony QX10

Sony QX10

Sony QX10 is one of the Sony Cyber-shot QX camera lines. This accessory was launched in conjunction with the QX100 series and the Xperia Z1 smartphone. This accessory was first launched globally in late 2013. Through this accessory, Sony wants to give smartphone users the ability to produce higher-quality photos. Given the ancient dimensions of the smartphone is relatively small. So it is impossible for vendors to embed a large sensor measuring 1 inch. Except for the Xiaomi 12S Ultra which can carry a sensor of the same size, but comes in very large dimensions.

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Sony QX10 uses a sensor dimension of 1/2.3 inch, the same size as the Xperia Z1. Supports optical zoom up to 10x, still better than today’s smartphone periscope sensors which average a maximum of 5x. This camera sensor can be attached to a smartphone with an integrated clamp and connected wirelessly. Will use a combination of WiFi and NFC networks that are used for a more instant pairing process to supported devices such as Android smartphones. The maximum video resolution that can be captured in 1080p 30fps and in one use can be up to 55 minutes of video recording.

Prices Are Very Affordable

Sony QX10

Why are these accessories popular again among concertgoers or TikTok users? This is because the type is only an accessory. A number of concerts forbid visitors to bring professional cameras. Meanwhile, generally, pocket cameras do not have high zoom capabilities.

Instead of having to change to the latest smartphone, iPhone users without a zoom sensor can buy this accessory. if you don’t need to zoom far, this accessory carries the same sensor as Sony’s line of premium compact cameras RX100 for even better quality. If you are interested in having it, there are still quite a few who sell it on e-commerce sites. The Sony QX10 retails for around US$100.15 in new condition or a new old stock unit.

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