Sony Launches INZONE Gaming Accessories Line


The increasing number of gamers at both amateur and professional levels has prompted many electronics vendors to introduce various supporting accessories specifically for playing games. One of them is Sony which launched the INZONE series and showcased its first three gaming headphone options.

The INZONE range of gaming accessories, especially headphones, offers great sound and 360 Spatial Sound effects. Building on Sony’s expertise as one of the pioneers in audio-visual technology. Comes with a futuristic design, as well as durability that is long enough for the wireless version.

Koji Sekiguchi, President Director of PT Sony Indonesia said, “With Son’s strong history of high-end audio technology products. We believe this new INZONE line will offer more options for those looking to upgrade their current gaming system.”

There are 3 Headphones Launched by Sony


On the same occasion, Sony also announced its collaboration with a number of global esports leagues. Consists of Evolution Championship Series (Evo) 2022 & 2023, PGL DOTA2 Arlington Major 2022, and VALORANT Champions Tour. This collaboration is expected to further advance the gaming ecosystem.

There are three headphones launched in the INZONE series line, namely the H9, H7, and H3 series. Of the three headphones, the H9 and H7 series use wireless technology. Each has a battery life of about 32 hours (H9) and 40 hours (H7). While the third option, Sony INZONE H3 still uses a cable. All three are equipped with a flip-up boom microphone with a mute function. Allows users to communicate easily in the game.

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For comfort, Sony designed the headband padding to be wide and soft and to distribute the weight evenly across the head. This is intended to remain comfortable when used for a long time. There is also a 360 Spatial Sound feature which is important when playing. Activated with INZONE Hub PC software. Allows players to hear footsteps and movements with precision. These headphones are also designed to optimize sound reproduction at low frequencies while providing powerful bass.

Sony INZONE Compatible with Playstation 5

Source: Sony

The highest variant of the three headphones launched by Sony is the INZONE H9, which is supported by a number of microphones that function as noise canceling features. This way the user is not affected by ambient noise, such as the sound of the air conditioner or fan noise on a desktop PC. Using the Dual Noise Sensor technology of the 1000X series headphones.

Sony INZONE H9 and H7 both support the indicator feature that can be displayed on the screen in the Control Center of the Playstation 5 console. It makes it easier for gamers to adjust the volume balance between in-game audio and voice chat from headphones. If you want to connect to a PC, you can use the PC INZONE Hub software. Sony also designs packaging materials using recycled materials and non-woven cellulose. The Sony INZONE H9 retails for US$303.74, the H7 retails for US$236.24, and the H3 retails for US$101.25.

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