Sony ECM-B10: Shotgun Microphone with Noise Reduction

Sony ECM-B10

In a video, not only visuals, but the sound quality is also important. Especially for content that emphasizes audio. Therefore, Sony released the Sony ECM-B10 as a shotgun microphone with super flexible technology. Unlike wireless microphones, shotgun microphones are arguably more practical because they can be attached directly to the device. The size is also compact, suitable for mirrorless cameras or other Sony compact cameras that support MI (Multi-Interface). In addition, this microphone also offers clear audio quality.

This microphone features Sony’s ECM-B1M digital signal processing technology, brought into a unit that has a more compact design. So that the camera will remain safe even though it is being attached to other accessories such as a gimbal or grip. Does not interfere with screen flip-out or battery access.

Can Adjust Recording Direction As Needed

Sony ECM-B10
Source: sony

Using advanced digital processing technology, collected from a total of four microphone capsules inside. Through beamforming technology, voice recording can be adjusted according to needs, such as sensitivity level. There are even three different recording direction options to choose from in a compact unit.

There is a super-directional mode that allows ECM-B10 users to record sound only from the front in a narrow field. Of course, this mode is suitable for video interviews or when using it in selfie mode. There is also a uni-directional mode that can record sound from both the front and the back. This mode is more suitable for recording conversations, both of the subjects in front of and behind the camera. Lastly, there’s an omnidirectional mode that utilizes all sides of the microphone to record from any direction. Perfect for capturing environmental sounds while on vacation or other types of content.

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Sony ECM-B10 Suitable for Outdoor Use

Sony ECM-B10
Source: sony

With noise reduction technology, recordings from this microphone can facilitate the creator’s workflow because there is minimal editing in the editing process. Cameras with digital audio interfaces can directly capture sound from this microphone without degradation. Designed with shock absorbers plus a windscreen to minimize environmental noise levels.

There is a 0/10/20 dB attenuator button, a filter button, an audio level dial (manual/automatic), and a digital/analog button for quick access to settings. The setting status can be seen directly from the back of the microphone. You don’t need to be afraid to use it outdoors because it is resistant to dust and moisture. The Sony ECM-B10 is now officially available and retails for US$268.90. Sony also publishes content recorded using this microphone and other products that can be accessed on the Alpha Universe page.

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