Sony BRAVIA XR 8K LED & 4K OLED TV Launched


Sony recently released their newest product, the Sony BRAVIA XR. Not only comes in various types of dimensions, but the panel options are also up to 8K LEDs. The Sony BRAVIA XR line of smart TVs this time is certainly present as a premium TV series from a vendor who has been playing in the industry for a long time. Not only presenting the best panel quality, but the entire lineup of the latest Sony TVs also has high compatibility when connected to other devices, especially Sony’s own game consoles.

Give a special feature that can provide cutting-edge audio technology, provide a cinema-like viewing experience. According to Kazuteru Makiyama, President Director of PT Sony Indonesia, Sony presents the latest 4 Sony BRAVIA XR television series in the midst of the current pandemic.

Can Automatically Switch to Gaming Mode


This latest Smart TV is also supported by the Sound from Picture Reality feature, which can automatically align the position of the sound with the image on the screen. This feature will also make the gameplay process more immersive. Coupled with other special features that are able to work with the PS5. Call it Auto HDR Tone Mapping and Auto Genre Picture Mode. Able to adjust color details and high-contrast scenes in games, and automatically switch to gaming mode to provide a responsive display. Considering this is a premium smart TV, users can simply call the Google assistant via direct voice, thanks to the integrated special microphone.

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Sony BRAVIA XR 2021 Supports 4K/8K Upscaling Technology


Powered by Cognitive Processor XR, this series of TVs will maximize your viewing experience. As the human eye sees and the human ear hears the real thing. According to Kazuteru, the entire line of the latest Sony BRAVIA XR this time will be suitable as the best means of family entertainment in carrying out any activity. The Cognitive Processor XR technology on the BRAVIA XR 2021 is able to carry out further analysis. It is said that the method of cross-analysis of each focus point increases sharpness simultaneously. The same way as to how the human brain works.

The XR Clarity feature can also improve textures and details to make them look like the real thing. Netflix users can also stream near 4K resolution on the X90J, X95J, and A80J TV series, as well as close to 8K on the Z9J series only. Where each supports Upscaling technology to their respective maximum resolutions. For the Sony BRAVIA XR X95J and Z9J series, there is an X-Wide Angle panel that allows users to watch from any side with the best picture quality.

In addition to having a large panel, the new Sony BRAVIA XR series also has IMAX Enhanced TV certification. Delivering the IMAX Theater experience at home. Netflix Calibrated Mode can also provide studio-quality content for creators. For the price, this Smart TV retails for $1209.94.

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