SoftBank Releases Leica Branded Smartphone in Japan

SoftBank Leica

SoftBank releases Leica-branded smartphone in Japan. This is really a cellphone that uses the Leica Brand. It’s not just collaborating with other smartphone-making brands like what was previously done with Huawei.

The name of this smartphone is Leitz Phone 1. To show that this is really a Leica smartphone, on the back of the smartphone is pinned a red circle which is the hallmark of the German company.

The camera quality of this smartphone should certainly be the main advantage. From the camera specifications, it seems that this Leitz Phone 1 has a very capable camera. There is only one rear camera, but it uses a 1-inch 20MP sensor. It’s the same size as the sensor in the premium compact camera Sony RX100. This sensor is paired with a 19mm equivalent lens.

Camera specifications like this were previously used by Sharp in the Aquos R6, which also uses a camera system from Leica. Although in Leitz Phone 1 the camera module looks bigger. Although other specifications look the same, such as the 120Hz Pro IGZO OLED screen.

Another difference between the Aquos R6 and the Letz Phone 1 is the lens cap like on a DSLR, compact, or mirrorless camera. Leitz Phone 1 has a lens cap that reads Leica, as well as a casing that matches the body of the smartphone complete with the Leica logo.

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Uniquely, SoftBank also sells Aquos R6. They did not try to cover up the similarities between the Aquos R6 and the Letz Phone 1. It seems that they are targeting Leica fanboys who want to use Leica-branded smartphones. Positioning the Aquos R6 for users who only want Leica camera quality. Orders for the Leitz Phone 1 are now open in Japan for around $1700.


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