Samsung Will Release One UI 5 Stable Version

One UI 5

Samsung officially announced the presence of One UI 5. The plan, this stable version will be released gradually to Samsung users starting this October. Samsung announced it at the 2022 Samsung Developer Conference event. In his presentation, the latest Samsung One UI has a number of new features. It will be directly embedded in their flagship smartphone, namely the Samsung Galaxy S22 Series.

As for the release schedule for other Samsung phones, it seems that it will only be revealed when the One UI 5.0 stable version is officially launched. Given that Samsung has not yet announced the exact date. But definitely in the near future.

This update itself has entered beta in a number of regions since August. Where so far Samsung has also released four updates to the beta version. Based on Android 13, this update brings improvements to customization, security, and accessibility features. One of them, as quoted from the official Samsung website, One UI 5 provides wider personalization capabilities.

Samsung One UI 5

One UI 5

Users are given the freedom to adjust the display as they wish. Not only that, Samsung also includes a Bixby Text Call feature. Through this feature, users can answer phone calls with just a text message.

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Another new feature that is also present is Routines. With Routines, users can set the order of actions on their device based on their activities, such as sleeping, relaxing, and exercising. Some of the other changes include customization of the lock screen, more color palettes, increased notification permissions, improved animations, stacked widgets, and more. Samsung has also improved smartphone-to-PC connectivity as well as the Taskbar’s ability to multitask.

This update also offers a new look, thus providing a smoother user experience. Samsung has also made notifications in One UI more intuitive. From a security perspective, Samsung has also made it easier for users to navigate and access. This is done by designing a simpler Security and Privacy dashboard. So that users can better understand the status of the device.

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