Samsung Showcases The OLED Screen Used in Their Future Phones



Samsung participated in enlivening the annual Display Week conference which took place in San Jose, California. The South Korean tech giant showed off how its latest innovative OLED screen will be used on their future phones.

The first device is an S-Foldable device that can be bent at two points. When fully extended, the screen measures up to 7.2 inches giving the user a large screen for multitasking. With this large screen, users can open 3 different applications simultaneously. Users can fold the device into a tent that can be used as a bedside monitor.

Simple folds make the device pocket-sized. When folded up to the brim, the device is bound to be thicker than previous Samsung foldable phones. No less interesting, Samsung displays camera technology under the screen. The camera is attached to a laptop device. The laptop device is similar to the Microsoft Surface Neo. Presents itself as a capable productivity machine in a sleek and compact design. As well as a flexible hinge mechanism.

The last part of the clip is shown the smartphone. The screen appears curved on both sides, and it’s also possible to seamlessly transfer content with one swipe. Of course, this is just a concept video of Samsung’s vision of future display technology. Don’t know whether this kind of technology will be applied to their products or not. But it’s not impossible for Samsung to make it happen.

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