Samsung Releases ISOCELL HP1 & ISOCELL GN5 50MP

Samsung ISOCELL HP1..

Today, not only is the chipset performance getting faster, but the camera sensor is also getting more sophisticated. If the 108MP camera sensor is deemed overkill, Samsung is now preparing a 200MP camera sensor through its newest product, the ISOCELL HP1.

Samsung officially announced the ISOCELL HP1 as the world’s first smartphone camera sensor with the highest resolution. Can also be used for pixel binning technology. In addition to the HP1, Samsung also introduced the ISOCELL GN5 50MP. Aimed at the latest smartphones later who want to have a large sensor in a thin physical design. Duckhyun Chang, Executive VP of Sensor Business, Samsung Electronics, said: “We have pioneered the “ultrafine pixel” technology that takes high-resolution image sensors to the next level. Through the ISOCELL HP1 and GN5, Samsung will continue to strive to lead the trend in imaging technology in smartphones.

ISOCELL HP1 Features Advanced Pixel Binning Technology


With a resolution of 200MP and physical dimensions of 1/1.22 “, each pixel has a fairly large size at 0.64-micron pixels. Through the current highest resolution, the sensor brings quite a lot of advantages. With full resolution, you can take advantage of high-resolution photos for cropping to resizing purposes. Not only that, pixel binning technology is enhanced through Chameleon Cell technology. Capable of taking photos in three different resolutions.

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The ISOCELL HP1 can combine four pixels (2×2) into one superpixel and produce 50MP photos. Even 16 contiguous pixels can be put together, achieving a massive 2.56-micron pixel dimension. Produces 12.5MP resolution photos with maximum light capture and the highest photo quality. The large resolution makes a video recording of course support up to 8K 30fps without many pieces of perspective aka field of view. And also there is a 120fps slow-motion recording in 4K resolution. To ensure fast focus, Double Super PD (Phase Detection) technology is implemented.

ISOCELL GN5 50MP Has the Best Autofocus Technology


This is the first sensor in the industry to have 1.0-micron pixel dimensions, combined with Dual Pixel Pro technology. The technology pairs two of the industry’s smallest photodiodes capable of recognizing changing patterns from all angles and directions. With a total of 1 million multi-directional phase-detecting photodiodes spread across all areas of the sensor, it has an instant focus speed. Other technologies such as Front Deep Trench Isolation (FDTI) were also first incorporated into sensors with Dual Pixel focus.

FDTI serves to capture and hold more light information. Aims to reduce crosstalk or light bias that collides with each pixel. Until now, there is no information regarding the use of these two sensors in a smartphone.

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