Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Series: Using Sapphire Glass Surface

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Series.

Samsung is one of the vendors that are able to present the best smartwatch. Of note, in a smartwatch ecosystem running Wear OS. This time, through the premium Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, there are a number of improvements that are presented.

Sapphire Glass

By design, the standard and Pro versions look very identical. Even in the same size at 40mm and 44mm diameter. The difference is in the use of sapphire glass. This material makes the smartwatch 60% more scratch resistant compared to the previous generation that uses Gorilla Glass DX. Each version is supported by a high-resolution OLED screen with dimensions of 1.2 inches and 1.4 inches. In addition, the body is made of the same material as the bezel of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 & Z Flip 4, namely Armor Aluminum. At the bottom, the indentation for the BioActive sensor is refined to allow features such as heart rate readings to be more accurate.

Another advantage of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is as a device can provide a healthy lifestyle for its users. There are at least 90 sports modes that you can choose from. Modes such as sleep tracking provide complete information on sleep quality, including auto-detected saturation throughout sleep.

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For durability, Samsung only mentions that the battery is 13% larger than the previous generation. With the specifications of the Exynos W920 chip and 1.5GB of RAM, you could say the battery life is not much different. Fortunately, Samsung provides fast charging support. Only need to charge for 8 minutes to log 8 hours of sleep.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Series
Source: Samsung

In terms of durability, the Pro version also uses sapphire glass, has water resistance certification, and is MIL-STD-810H standard. The difference is the body design, with the bezels slightly extending beyond the screen for extra security reasons. The material is also stronger because the Pro version is made of titanium. The battery is also quite large, which is 590 mAh. With fast charging, it only takes 30 minutes to charge up to 45%. Both use silicone straps, unfortunately, this variant is no longer equipped with a screen bezel that can be rotated to make navigation easier without touching the screen.

Especially for the Pro version, there is a more complete GPS Route Tracking feature. Both cyclists and climbers, can share a travel route or follow someone’s route on a trip. Later, there will be route instructions from the watch screen or via voice prompts to keep the user’s gaze focused.

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Price of Galaxy Watch 5 Series

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Series

In addition to sharing routes in GPX format, the Pro version also has a Track Back feature that can direct you back to the starting point. Comes in a 45mm variant, the Pro version retails for US$449.99. There is a bonus e-voucher and 1 year of Samsung Care+ protection during the pre-order period. While for the standard version, it sells for US$279.99 for the 40mm variant and US$309.99 for the 44mm variant. All of them are only available in Bluetooth variants only, at least during the launch period. Especially for the standard version, there are Bespoke Edition options for straps made from Milanese.

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