Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Review: Has ANC & Ambient Sound Features

Samsung Galaxy Buds2.

Samsung has released its latest generation of earbuds, the Samsung Galaxy Buds2. This TWS was released in conjunction with the launch of the Galaxy Z Flip3 and Galaxy Z Fold3. This TWS adopts the ANC feature of its Pro model.


Samsung Galaxy Buds2...
Source: Samsung

This TWS design has a similar design to the Buds Pro and Live. The charging case is square in shape where each side is curved. The glossy design makes this TWS look clean and doesn’t leave fingerprints easily. Samsung claims these earbuds as the smallest earbuds in Samsung’s entire Buds series. The shape is so simple with a single color composition without any details. Comes with four color choices, namely lavender, olive, white, and graphite.

On the outside, there is an indicator light and a USB-C port for charging. On the outside of the earbuds, there are two microphones, each of which functions to optimize the use of Intelligent Clear Call. While the touch area is between the two microphones. Samsung also provides three pairs of ear tips of different sizes.

Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Performance

Samsung Galaxy Buds2
Source: Samsung

TWS is equipped with Dynamic 2-way speakers, which are two speakers, each of which serves as a tweeter and a woofer. The speaker is claimed to be able to provide deeper bass and cleaner high notes. Coupled with AKG technology, the resulting sound quality is unquestionable.

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Audio settings can also be adjusted via the Galaxy Wearable application. You can adjust the equalizer, touch control, noise control settings, FitTest, and Find My Earbuds. What is the Fit Test feature? This feature serves to determine whether the earbuds are properly inserted or not. So that the received audio quality is maximized.

One of the advantages of this TWS is the ANC feature. Supported by three sound blocking points, namely passive noise cancellation on the ear tip, noise detection on the body of the earbuds, and active noise canceling on the earbuds. This can not be separated also with the Ambient Sound. With this mode, you can hear the sound around you more clearly, even when you’re listening to a song. However, this time Samsung did not equip it with AI. So it can’t automatically change ANC mode to Ambient Sound when sound is detected from outside. Even so, the absence of AI does not reduce the ability of ANC and Ambient Sound in this TWS.

Galaxy Buds2 is supported with a Voice Pickup Unit, DNN Solution, and three microphones consisting of 2 outer mics and 1 inner mic. Samsung claims outer mics can filter out surrounding sounds. Meanwhile, DNN Solution will turn off the sound from outside. So that only the voice of the caller is heard. Unfortunately, the earbuds can only accept or reject incoming calls from regular phones, namely phones that use credit. While data-based calls like WhatsApp cannot be picked up by touching the earbuds twice.

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How to Connect TWS to Smartphone

Source: Samsung

The process of pairing earbuds to smartphones, especially Samsung Galaxy smartphones is very easy. When opening the case, the smartphone will automatically display a pairing request. You just need to click the connect button and the earbuds are automatically connected to the smartphone. For non-Samsung users, make sure you have the Galaxy Wearable app installed. Even if the smartphone Bluetooth is turned off and on again, the earbuds will still connect automatically.

Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Battery

These Earbuds have a battery capacity of 61 mA. While the charging case can accommodate 472 Ma. The remaining 5% battery of the earbuds can last up to 36 minutes with normal use. It takes 1 hour and 2 minutes to fully charge the earbuds.


Coming with ANC and Ambient Sound features makes this TWS one of the TWS that must be taken into account. The resulting sound quality is also unquestionable thanks to the tweeters and woofers that work on the speakers. If you’re interested, the Samsung Galaxy Buds2 retail for $119.24.

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