Rumor: iPhone SE 2023 Will Be Similar To iPhone XR

iPhone SE 2023

Soon, Apple will hold an annual Apple Event where the iPhone 14 Series will be introduced. Reportedly, the Pro variant has a significant improvement in its new camera and design. However, now there are new rumors regarding the iPhone SE 2023, the most affordable option for consumers today.

iPhone SE has always been an alternative for those who want to have a high-performance iPhone regardless of other features. But so far, the series has always used old designs, starting from the iPhone 5S to the last two generations. The latest rumors have emerged saying that the new iPhone SE will have a new design. Not completely new, but leaving the previous design which always carried the Home Button. Making it look more like the new iPhone with a full-screen design.

Don’t Have a Home Button

iPhone SE 2023

This latest rumor was conveyed by Jon Prosser, a YouTuber who often leaks Apple information. Of all the rumors that were said, it was not completely proven true. But at least this is a leak that can be said to be new regarding the SE 2023 series. He said the leak was in an episode of the “Geared Up” podcast with two other YouTubers, Andru Edwards and Jon Rettinger. “The iPhone SE 4 from what I understand and it seems I haven’t publicly announced is just the iPhone XR,” said Prosser. It’s not clear how similar the SE 2023 series will be to one of the best-selling iPhones.

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If true, eventually the SE 2023 series will leave the physical buttons and join a full-screen design. It could also bring a Face ID security system like other new iPhones. But for the screen size, other sources say it will be smaller than the iPhone XR.

iPhone SE 2023 Screen is Smaller Than iPhone XR

iPhone SE 2023


Quoted from MacRumors, industry consultant Ross Young has a fairly accurate track record. Apple plans to release the fourth generation iPhone SE with a 5.7-inch screen. A size that can be said to be quite unique. Because earlier full-screen iPhones had different screen sizes. Starting from the iPhone mini-series (5.4 inches), iPhone X (5.8 inches), and XR and 12 Series (6.1 inches).

Generally, the latest SE series will carry the same processor as the iPhone in the same year. Of course, there are differences in the screen, camera, and other parts. If it looks like the iPhone XR, it could use a similar panel quality and slightly thicker bezels. Or carry the same camera setup, there is only one on the back body. Utilizing software to produce portrait effects.

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