Redmi Note 10S Has a Camera 64MP and a Super AMOLED Screen

Redmi Note 10S

Previously, Xiaomi released the Redmi Note 10 and Redmi Note 10 Pro smartphones. Both of these devices have their respective advantages. This time, Xiaomi released a new smartphone called Redmi Note 10S.

This smartphone uses the MediaTek Helio G95 chipset. This chipset features MediaTek HyperEngine gaming technology. This smartphone is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3 and received IP53 certification to be resistant to water and dust. For gamers, the Helio G95 offers fast performance and a variety of high-end features such as multi photography for up to 4 cameras. Thus, the Redmi Note 10S can be said to be tough for gaming and cameras.

64MP Resolution Camera

Redmi Note 10S.

There are 4 cameras on the back. The main camera is 64MP resolution which will produce photos with sharp details. Do not miss the pixel binning technology which allows brighter results when you shoot at night conditions. The second camera carries an ultra-wide lens with 8MP resolution. This allows you to shoot a wider scene. The third camera is a 2MP macro camera and the fourth camera is a 2MP depth sensor camera. Shoot with a bokeh effect in the background so that the photo looks more dramatic.

The slider feature allows you to adjust how intense the bokeh effect is behind the main subject. Interestingly, the bokeh effect can be adjusted even though the image has been taken. Photo backgrounds taken using Portrait mode can be changed with a variety of lighting. While the front camera has a resolution of 13MP. Even though it is not equipped with a depth sensor camera, you can take selfies using the front camera with a bokeh effect. This happens because of the presence of artificial intelligence technology. The front camera is located on top of the screen with design DotDisplay a small.

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Redmi Note 10S Screen is Super AMOLED

Redmi Note 10S..

The Redmi Note 10S screen uses Super AMOLED technology measuring 6.43 inches. Unlike the LCD screen, the Super AMOLED screen does not use lighting in the background. Because it doesn’t use an additional panel for lighting, the Super AMOLED has a thinner design compared to the LCD screen.

We previously explained that each Super AMOLED pixel can glow on its own. This allows for a very high contrast quality and is relatively more efficient in battery life as it only activates the pixels as needed. The Redmi Note 10S screen has a high resolution for mobile phones in its class. Not only that, but the content on the screen will also be clearly visible without any interference from light reflection because it has a brightness of 1,100 nits. The Redmi Note 10S is priced at $195.66 for the 6GB RAM/64GB RAM variant. The 8GB/ROM 128GB RAM variant is priced at $223.62.


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