Realme Motion Activated Night Light, Smart Light From Realme

Realme Motion Activated Night Light.

Carrying the “1+4+N” strategy, every smartphone launch will always be accompanied by an AloT device. One of them is Realme Motion Activated Night Light which was launched along with two new smartphones on April 28th.

Realme Motion Activated Night Light

Realme Motion Activated Night Light
Source: Gizmologi

Realme Indonesia has the vision to be “No. 1 AloT Choice in Indonesia“. For that, comes Realme Motion Activated Night Light. This device serves to light the dark corners of the house. How to use it is enough with gestures or movement. The design of this device is also very compact. Has a shape similar to a donut.

Palson Yi, Marketing Director of Realme Indonesia said, “Realme Motion Activated Night Light carries a built-in infrared motion and photosensor. Can detect motion as far as 6 meters. So, you don’t have to look for a light switch in the dark. “

This device can detect your presence as wide as 120 degrees with an effective area of ​​up to 6 meters. Can detect motion in low light conditions. Has a diffused light design and a warm yellow color temperature of 2800K. The light produced does not create glare, especially in dark conditions such as the bedroom. This device has also passed the photobiological safety certification. There are no flashing lights and no blue light. There are two levels of lighting, so it is suitable for use in small or large rooms.

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Using 3 AAA batteries, the lamp can last up to 1 year of use. In low brightness levels, if it is lit 15 times a day with an average use of 15 seconds, this lamp can last up to 365 days. Does not use cables, so it can be placed anywhere. There are magnets and strong adhesive stickers.

Realme Motion Activated Night Light is sold via the flash sale method on April 30 on the Shopee e-commerce site and the official website of realme Indonesia. This device will be priced at $10,33.

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