Razer X Lambda Tensorbook, Deep Learning Laptop


Deep learning software provider, Lambda has teamed up with Razer to present the new Tensorbook series. This workstation / deep learning laptop is claimed to be a solution for engineers to work more efficiently. This is thanks to the selected specifications that are ready to be used in processing deep learning programs, the software of which is also developed by Lambda.

Laptops from Lambda have a dedicated GPU so they can encourage optimization of the work of ML (Machine Learning) engineers. Stephen Balaban, Co-Founder, and CEO of Lambda said, “Most Machine Learning/Deep Learning engineers don’t own a laptop with a dedicated GPU. Thus forcing them to share resources via remote machines, slowing down their development cycle.”

Balaban added that the collaboration between Lambda and Razer provides a solution to problems when stuck in SSH on a remote server. Among them by providing pre-installed PyTorch and TensorFlow applications on the laptop. Allows users to directly test their entire demo, using a GUI Interface, without SSH.

Deep Learning Solutions on Tensorbook


In general, deep learning programs in computers are used to create a system like the human brain. The computing system is able to filter various input information through several layers to then predict and classify information in the future. Observations of this program include the form of images, text, and sound.

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Deep learning is usually used to develop assistance systems. Such as facial and fingerprint recognition, driving assistance, virtual assistance, and various other smart computer work. That is why a specific device is needed so that the development carried out is more optimal.

Source: Lambda

This Tensorbook, which is a collaboration between Lambda and Razer, has specifications like a high-end workstation. With Intel Tiger Lake Core i7 – 11800H processor, CPU (8 core, up to 4.6 GHz). Plus NVIDIA RTX 3080 Max-Q GPU (16GB VRAM), as well as several ports, ranging from USB-A 3.2 and HDMI as well as a port for an SD card reader.

The default operating system selection is taken from Ubuntu Linux 20.04 LTS with the option to dual-boot using Windows. And of course, as already mentioned, the presence of the PyTorch application, TensorFlow, CUDA, cuDNN, and drivers for NVIDIA GPUs. All to support the performance of engineers in the field of deep learning. Interested to have it? This Tensorbook retails for $3449.

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