Razer Stream Controller: Make It Easier for Content Creators


This time, Razer collaborated with Loupedeck to bring a new Razer stream controller to content creators. This device is specifically used to support streaming activities. Content creators can easily be creative in editing, customizing, and streaming.

According to Richard Hashim, head of Razer’s Mobile and Consoles Division, “creation is about going beyond what’s possible. That’s been Razer’s main focus with releasing stream controllers in the hands of creators.” Not only in the form of hardware but also equipped with qualified software applications for content customization. “Through hardware and software, Razer wants the work of creators not to be limited by their devices. But only limited to their imagination, “said Richard Hashim.

Razer Stream Controller Specifications

Source: Razer

The design of this stream controller comes from Loupedeck’s concept. The Finnish company is indeed well-known as the creator of several slick tools for editing and streaming needs. And indeed, most streamers are familiar with Loupedeck’s products, even before the arrival of this device.

This stream controller deck is made minimalist with dimensions of 151 x 101.5 x 30.2 millimeters and a weight of 201 grams. The weight increases to 216 grams when a portable stand is added. This device is equipped with 12 switchblade buttons, 6 analog dials, 2 LCD screens on each side, and 8 program buttons. Plus, it requires a minimum operating system of macOS X 10.14, Windows 10, and built-in software from Loupedeck. Device connectivity requires a 2-meter USB-A to USB-C cable which is included in the sales package.

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Using this device is basically very easy. Editing activities that require a keyboard and mouse can be replaced with one button on this deck. Likewise with video settings when streaming, which is easy to do through this device, is assisted by visual presentations on the screen. The plan for this product will be officially released in September 2022. The Razer Stream Controller will be sold for US$ 269.99.

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