Razer Presents Hello Kitty Themed Gaming Accessories

Gaming Accessories

Razer collaborated with the Sanrio brand to present Hello Kitty and Friends-themed gaming accessories. This series of special edition Razer Hello Kitty and Friends products is intentionally here to spoil World of Sanrio fans. In the future, animated characters Hello Kitty, Keroppi, Kuromi, My Melody, and many more will be present in Razer’s latest gaming accessories. “This special edition is available for the Razer Kraken BT Kitty, Razer Iskur X, Razer Lumbar Cushion, Razer DeathAdder Essential, and Razer Goliathus Medium Bundle,” wrote Razer. The Razer brand, which is famous for its fierce design, now looks adorable in pink color.

Razer Gaming Accessories Hello Kitty Version

Gaming Accessories
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The first product is the Razer Kraken BT Hello Kitty gaming headset. This headset comes with a pink display and a band. However, it still offers premium features and Razer Chroma RGB effects. This gives a cute and eye-catching look. Next up is the Razer Iskur X Hello Kitty and Friends Edition gaming chair. The back of this chair features a number of Hello Kitty and Friends characters with a colorful rainbow background and a white star motif.

Not to forget, Razer also provides complimentary accessories for this gaming chair with the Razer Lumbar Cushion Hello Kitty and Friends Edition as its third product. It looks similar to the gaming chair earlier. Using memory foam and pink velvet which is comfortable and luxurious. Even, this collaboration is also in Razer’s best gaming mouse and gaming mousepad.

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There is also a Razer DeathAdder Essential and Razer Goliathus themed Hello Kitty bundling. With an adorable appearance, this mousepad device will be marketed in March 2022. For those of you who are interested, Razer sells all of these products starting at $69.66 for the Razer Lumbar Cushion and DeathAdder Essential. The Razer Iskur X is priced at around $592.08 and the Razer Kraken BT is priced at $142.80.

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