Razer Naga X Review : MMO Gaming Mouse with 16 Buttons

Razer Naga X

This time Razer released a gaming mouse called Razer Naga X. This mouse is specifically for MMO gamers. How not, this gaming mouse has 16 buttons on the left side that can be programmed as you like. Claimed to be 40% more durable with a total of 70 million clicks. Curious? Let’s see the review!


Razer Naga X designRazer Naga X design is similar to the Razer Naga Pro gaming mouse. It’s just that this gaming mouse has a side that can’t be replaced. On the left side, there are 12 buttons that you can program as you like. In total, this mouse has 16 buttons that can be customized according to your needs. This gaming mouse is still not wireless. But don’t worry, because Razer Naga X uses a Razer SPEEDFLEX soft braided cable. So, you can produce smoother and faster friction.

This mouse is designed for the convenience of right-handed users. This can be seen from the placement of the 12 buttons on the left side. Ergonomic design and lighter and equipped with the best slot features. The design looks premium with matte black color. It weighs 85 g which is 30% lighter than the Razer Naga Trinity, making this mouse easier to move.

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Razer Naga X Performance

Razer made this gaming mouse for MMO gamers. Has 12 buttons on the left side that are easy to reach with your thumb. Overall there are 16 buttons that can be customized as you like. The Razer Naga X is recommended for gamers with medium to large hand sizes. The Razer Naga X already uses second-generation optics to give this mouse a longer service life. Claimed to be 40% more durable with a total of 70 million clicks. Driven by an infrared beam for a response time of 0.2 milliseconds. Eliminates the need for debounce delays and never triggers unwanted clicks.

With the Razer 5G Advanced Optical Sensor, this gaming mouse has a high level of precision up to 18,000 DPI and is added with mouse feet made from PTFE so that the mouse can be moved smoothly. The Razer Naga X is also equipped with Chroma RGB. To control the functions of the 16 buttons that this mouse has, the Razer Synapse Thunder Cloud software has been prepared. This mouse is also equipped with a memory so you can backup your personal configuration.


Razer Naga X is a mouse that is suitable for you MMO game players. Has 16 buttons that you can customize according to your needs. The premium design and the Razer logo on it will make you the center of attention when using this mouse. But you need to remember that this gaming mouse is designed for right-handed users and it will feel more comfortable for those of you who have medium to large hand sizes. The Razer Naga X retails at an affordable price of $ 79.99.

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