Razer Kraken X for Console Review

Razer Kraken

Razer, one of the companies known for presenting various gaming devices and accessories, is now releasing a new headset. The headset is called the Razer Kraken X for Console. The consoles that can be used with this headset are Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch.

Razer Kraken X for Console Design

Comes in two color choices, namely Xbox Green and PlayStation White. Like other gaming headsets, this headset has an over-ear design. Able to cover all parts of your ear so that the sound produced is perfect. This over-ear design makes the sound produced not be heard from outside. The ear cushions are oval in shape, so they will be quite soft and comfortable when used. So you won’t feel pain when you use this headset, even with glasses. At the top, there is also a soft cushion.

Razer kraken for console

Both driver units are 40mm in size and hinged, so they can rotate up and down. Allows adjusting to the user’s temple bones. There is also a slider mechanism that is useful for adjusting the size of the user’s head. While the microphone is on the left and cannot be removed. However, the microphone is flexible, so you can point it further away or closer to your mouth. Not only that but there’s also a mute button on the left that you can press when you don’t want to use the microphone. There is also a rotary button near the mute button which functions to adjust the volume.

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Performance & Features of Razer Kraken X for Console

Razer kraken for console
Source: razer

This headset uses a connecting cable between consoles that is 1.3 meters long which is on the left. There is also a 1.5-meter extension cable that you can connect to a PC via a special speaker and microphone port. The microphone has unidirectional technology which focuses enough to capture sound waves in front of it up to 60 degrees. So this headset will clearly capture your voice and minimize outside sounds. This headset has a frequency response ranging from 12 Hz to 28,000 kHz. Promises detailed sound in low, mid, and high tones.

The sound produced by this headset is also very good. For example, when you are playing the game GTA 5 and it is raining in the game. The sound of raindrops falling was clear. For FPS gamers, the resulting surround sound is pretty good too. So you can easily find out the position of the enemy.


This headset is capable of producing clear sound. The design also comfortable to play games for a long time. This headset is perfect for those of you who play games more often using consoles and want a more private sound. You can also connect it to a PC or smartphone when you want to play games on other platforms. The Razer Kraken X for Console sells for US$49.99.

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  • Affordable prices
  • Comfortable ear cushions
  • The microphone is flexible and sensitive

The microphone is not detachable

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