Razer Kishi V2: Gaming Controller for Flagship

Razer Kishi V2

Razer is a very well-known vendor for its gaming accessories and premium gaming laptop line. This time, Razer has just released the second generation of a smartphone-only gaming controller called the Razer Kishi V2. This device comes with an improved design from the previous generation.

The issue with the first-generation Kishi was the inflexibility of the mounting mechanism. Making the compatibility of these control tools is very minimal. As a result, many Android smartphones cannot use it. But now comes with a new bridge model, the Razer Kishi V2 is designed to be more suitable for smartphones that now have larger dimensions.

Razer said that the presence of the Kishi V2 is quite important for its accessories portfolio. With the development of cloud gaming technology, now more gamers are playing games on smartphones. Making gamers need a control tool that is more suitable to accompany smartphones.

Suitable for Galaxy S22 Ultra

Razer Kishi V2
Source: razer

The design and placement of buttons on this device have been updated to make it more comfortable to use. This gamepad-like accessory weighs around 280 grams with a thickness of 33.9mm. It includes a bridge or connecting the right and left controllers that can be expanded to quite wide.

In order to have better compatibility, the rubber part inside can be removed. Functions so that Android smartphone users with accessories such as cases do not need to remove them. Razer also lists devices such as Samsung’s flagships up to the S22 Series, all Pixel lines, Razer Phones or devices with dimensions of a maximum thickness of 11.5mm and a width of 170mm.

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In addition, Kishi V2 also only supports smartphones running the Android 9 Pie operating system and above. The iOS version itself is rumored to be following in the fall of this year, so while Razer presents the Android version first. This OS version is needed because there are supporting applications that really help the gameplay process, namely Razer Nexus. Razer Nexus allows users to access games, streaming YouTube and Facebook. See a list of games that are compatible with Kishi V2 or do a software update directly. Shortcuts to access this application have also been given a special button.

Razer Kishi V2 Has a Dedicated Share Button

Razer Kishi V2
Source: razer

For buttons, there’s quite a lot that can be customized. In addition to the two analogs, there is a mechanical d-pad that uses Wolverine V2’s microswitch control. Plus two triggers, two bumpers, and two other multifunction buttons. There is also a share button that allows players to share screenshots and videos instantly.

This device is not equipped with a battery, while the connection utilizes a USB-C port that is plugged into a smartphone. On the outside of the Kishi V2, there is an additional USB-C port that functions as pass-through charging. So that you can keep playing while charging at the same time. The Razer Kishi V2 retails for $99 and goes on sale on June 8, 2022.

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