Razer Develops Smart Mask Concept, Has Microphone & RGB Lights

Razer Masker Project Hazel

The need for masks during this pandemic is increasing. The use of masks is still very much needed as an extra precaution against the Covid-19 virus. It’s not just an antidote to Covid-19. The use of masks is currently becoming one of the tools for style. Singapore-based technology company Razer at CES earlier this year launched a face mask called Project Hazel.

Through its design and color, masks can increase the wearer’s confidence when they have to leave the house. In addition to offering comfort, everyone wants the safety of masks to avoid the virus.

Razer Masks Equipped with RGB LED Lights

Razer includes a customizable RGB LED lighting system. The company says that the battery of this mask can last all day. Charging this mask using a charging case that is equipped with UV light. So that during the process of filling the mask at the same time sterilized.

razer masker. Project Hazel
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Project Hazel is expected to be as effective as using an N95 mask with a bacteria filtering device that can trap 95% of particles in the air. Featuring adjustable straps to create an airtight seal. Users will be able to breathe fresh air, with its ability to filter carbon dioxide. This mask is also equipped with an internal microphone and speaker that can amplify your voice when speaking.

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Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan said the electronics maker plans to turn Project Hazel masks into reality. This face shield is equipped with a transparent front cover that allows others to see the user’s mouth.

Previously, Razer had announced that it would produce surgical masks. Through Min-Liang Tan’s tweet, the company will donate more than 1 million masks across the country. He hopes that this donation will slow the spread of Covid-19.

Until now there is still no confirmation about when they will produce the masks. It is likely that the price offered will be much more expensive than a regular face shield. Currently, the company is still in the development stage. With the development of this project, it is hoped that it will become an important thing for the company is expanding its business in the future.

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