Razer Basilisk V3 Review: Has 11 Custom Keys & More Chroma RGB

Razer Basilisk V3

A mouse is one of the important accessories to support your activities when using a laptop, let alone playing games. When a laptop doesn’t have a comfortable touchpad, of course, you need precision navigation that you can only find on a mouse. For gamers or content creators, simply having an ergonomic design is not enough. For that, Razer presents a new option, namely a mouse called the Razer Basilisk V3. Unlike the Orochi V2 series, this mouse still uses a cable.

Has 11 Buttons You Can Customize

Razer Basilisk V3.
Source: Razer

The Razer Basilisk V3 has a total of 11 buttons that you can customize to your heart’s content. Whether you’re playing games or Microsoft Excel, you can even set up video conferencing applications to make it easier to undo/redo to mute/share the screen. You don’t have to worry about the settings being lost when switching devices. You can save the setting that you have made, even up to five built-in memories. So it is suitable for several use-cases to even several users.

This mouse also has 11 scattered individuals LED lights. Starting from the logo behind the palm, scroll wheel to accent lines at the bottom. In each zone, you can set up to 16.8 million color combinations. Razer has also prepared a variety of interesting effects that you can choose from. Currently, more than 150 games have been recorded that are integrated with Chroma RGB lights. So the lights can respond according to the game.

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Razer Basilisk V3 New Scroll Wheel Technology

Razer Basilisk V3..
Source: Razer

Using the latest sensors, this mouse has a sensitivity level (DPI) of 26 thousand points. Although prioritizing high customization with many buttons that can be changed. This mouse has excellent features that you can use for playing games or office work. That’s because this mouse is equipped with an “intelligent scroll wheel” which has three different modes.

Through Razer Hyperscroll Tilt Wheel technology, in general, there are two modes that you can try. First, there is the “free spin scrolling mode”, where the wheel can be rotated quickly and smoothly, perfect for repetitive commands or vertical documents with many pages. Secondly, there is a “tactile cycling mode”, which gives a click effect every small round, perfect when choosing a skill or weapon in a game.

You can also activate both modes at once via the Razer Synapse app. With this application, the wheel will give effect according to the rotational speed of the user.


Another interesting about this mouse is that the price is actually more affordable than the previous generation. The Razer Basilisk V3 is already on sale in the United States for $69.99. This mouse is suitable for gamers and office workers who don’t switch devices too often. Moreover, you can customize the 11 buttons on this mouse to your heart’s content.

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