Predator Orion 7000, The Most Powerful Gaming Desktop From Acer

Predator Orion 7000

Acer released their latest gaming product through the latest release, Predator Orion 7000. The latest desktop product line is the Predator Gaming series that has a stunning appearance. In addition, predatory desktops are known to be of good quality in the premium class, for a top-level gaming experience. Jeff Lee, General Manager, Stationary Computing, IT Product Business, Acer Inc, said “The Predator Orion 7000 series is a premium and powerful desktop for gamers who need extraordinary performance. Even from the most demanding game titles.”

Specifications Predator Orion 7000

Predator Orion 7000.

In order to provide high performance on the desktop, Acer installed the latest 12th Generation Intel Core CPUs in their product line. This makes Acer one of the first companies to bring the latest generation of processors to the gaming market. According to Marcus Kennedy, General Manager Gaming and Esports, Intel, the 12th Gen Intel Core desktop processors are an innovative major leap forward for gaming performance as well as industry-leading memory, I/O, and connectivity. The new performance hybrid architecture combines the two latest computing cores. Delivers incredible performance for the high frame rates and multitasking performance modern gamers expect.

The Predator Orion 7000 is designed for hard-core gamers. So, in addition to overclockable processors, gamers can also find GPU NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 series, as well as 64GB DDR5-4000 RAM in the purchase package. This desktop also includes an upgradeable liquid cooling and a Predator FrostBlade fan.

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Gaming Projector to Accompany The Desktop

Predator GD711

Not only the latest gaming desktop, but Acer also introduced their flagship gaming projector, the Predator GD711 series. This is a projector smart LED gaming with 4K visual quality. This projector is also compatible with both console and PC gaming systems. Including the ability to connect with various streaming services.

This projector has a fairly wide color gamut of up to 125% area ratio. The result is an impressive level of color saturation even when visuals are projected onto other objects. This is possible because of the lumen brightness level that reaches 4,000 LED lumens, plus HDR10 performance.

The model and specifications of the projector this is very suitable for use when holding watching events with friends or large-scale competitions. So that the audience can be satisfied to see the gaming offerings that spoil the eyes.

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