Philips Brilliance 498P9Z, Gaming Monitor With 165Hz Refresh Rate

Philips Brilliance 498P9Z, Gaming Monitor With 165Hz Refresh Rate

Philips was one of the first monitor brands to introduce a 49-inch ultrawide curved screen a few years ago. Now, with the development of technology, Philips has announced a 49-inch screen, the Philips Brilliance 498P9Z.

This monitor is known to have a high refresh rate, which reaches 165Hz. Combines gaming and productivity features. For gamers who want large screen size and fast refresh rate, this monitor is the answer. Having a large size and great resolution, this monitor can replace two regular 24 or 27-inch screens. For gamers and power users who need a lot of screen real estate, this monitor can be an alternative to the best 4K gaming monitors available today.

The Philips Brilliance 498P9Z also has some other interesting specifications. This monitor has a curved screen measuring 48.8 inches. In addition, this gaming monitor screen also has a resolution of DQHD 5120 X 1440 pixels and an aspect ratio of 32:9.

Quoted from TechSpot,┬áthis monitor uses a VA 5120 X 1440 panel. It’s basically like having two 27-inch 2560 x 1440 screens side by side, only without the annoying bezels. To support gaming activities, this monitor supports Adaptive-Sync technology. Makes the response time very fast, reaching 4ms. Other specifications of this gaming monitor include 1800R Curvature and 3000:1 aspect ratio.

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As for ports, this gaming monitor has DisplayPort 1.4 and three HDMI 2.0 inputs. There are also six USB 3.2 hub ports (two upstream, four downstream with fast charging), built-in dual 5W speakers, and the stand is height, swivel, and tilt adjustable. For the price, the Philips Brilliance 498P9Z monitor retails for $1126.72 – $1304.81. How? Are you interested in having it?


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