Oura Ring 3, Health Ring With SpO2 Sensor

Oura Ring 3.

Various smartphone and electronic vendors are competing to release wearables in various shapes and prices. And now, Oura Ring 3 comes with an unusual design. Oura Ring 3 is the latest generation in the Oura Smart Ring series. This is a ring that is present not only as an accessory to support the appearance but also has more benefits. This ring has a complete sensor plus special machine learning technology developed by Oura. These are accessories that are suitable for those of you who still want to use conventional watches while still being able to monitor your health.

Oura Ring 3 Has Sophisticated Features

Oura Ring 3

This ring is made of titanium. It weighs in the range of 4 to 6 grams, depending on its size. Comes in a choice of gold, silver, and black colors. This ring is designed to last all day long, even up to 100 meters deep. Unlike a smartwatch or smartband, this ring is not equipped with a screen to navigate.

In general, this ring will display 3 daily scores; sleep quality, activity score, and readiness for the day. Compared to the previous generation, Oura Ring 3 has a more complete sensor. Including body temperature “7 temperature”, as well as a green LED sensor. Allows the device to log more data. If the previous generation could only detect heart rate activity during sleep, now it can be throughout the day.

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When used for activities, the device can automatically record complete data for 30 different types of sports, detect activity, and body temperature. After the activity, the application on the smartphone will display the right time for you to rest, while providing suggestions for the right duration. This ring can detect the menstrual cycle and predict the exact day. In addition to exercise, it can also automatically detect the duration of the nap, to determine the sleep quality score in one day.


The sensor on this device is claimed to have an accuracy rate of 99.6% for heart rate. And later, in 2022, this device will have additional features such as a sleep stage algorithm, and detecting oxygen levels in the blood. The battery itself is claimed to last for 4 to 7 days.


Oura Ring 3..

To enjoy all the results of the data detected by the device, you must subscribe for an additional monthly fee of $6.99. Special orders for Oura Ring 3 will get a free six months subscription. The first sale will begin on November 15th. For the price alone, the Oura Ring 3 will retail for $299.

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