OPPO Watch Review: Cool Smartwatch from OPPO

Oppo Watch

Oppo also doesn’t want to be outdone by its competitors. Not only smartphones, this time Oppo has begun to explore a new market segment, namely the Oppo Watch. Yes, Oppo has started to enter the smartwatch market segment. It uses the WearOS operating system and has good battery life and doesn’t forget to have health features embedded in this smartwatch. Having a premium design makes this smartwatch fit on your wrist. Curious? see the review.


OPPO Watch - DesignIt has a box design with curved corners so that at first glance this smartwatch is a bit like the Apple Watch. Comes in two variants, namely 46mm and 41mm in size. The frame of the Oppo Watch is made of aluminum alloy for the 41mm variant and aluminum for the 46mm variant. The strap also has an easy-to-remove mechanism with several additional strap color options separately, so you can customize the strap color to suit your own style.

The 41mm variant has two color choices, namely Black and Rose Gold. As for the 46mm variant, only Black is available. This smartwatch strap is made of Fluororubber material. The 41mm variant weighs 30.1g, while the 46mm variant weighs 39.3g. The bottom of the Oppo Watch is made of a mixture of ceramic + PC for the 46mm variant, while for the 41mm variant the bottom is made of PC only. Oppo Watch has 2 physical buttons on the right side, namely the Home / Menu / Power button, while the other one is the Shortcut button to go to the sports menu and can also be customized to access certain features quickly. In the middle of the two physical buttons, there is a microphone hole. This is a smartwatch that feels solid and sturdy so it’s comfortable to wear.

Screen & Battery

OPPO Watch - ScreenThe screen design of the Oppo Watch is curved which makes this smartwatch look premium. Oppo calls this design a Flexible Dual Curved Display. However, this curved screen design is only available on the Oppo Watch 46mm variant. The 46mm variant has an AMOLED Flexible Dual Curved Display and a screen size of 1.91 “with a resolution of 402 x 476. As for the 41mm variant, it has a Rigid AMOLED Screen and a screen size of 1.6: with a resolution of 320 x 360. The screen is protected with Corning. Gorilla Glass 3. If you feel bored with the default watch faces from this smartwatch, you can download dozens of watch faces on the Google Play Store.

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It has a battery capacity of 430mAh for the 46mm variant and 300mAh for the 41mm variant. both variants also have VOOC Flash Charge technology. Equipped with a Dual-Chip endurance system, Oppo claims this smartwatch stays strong for up to 36 hours up to 21 days. Oppo also claims, you only need to wait up to 75 minutes until the battery is fully charged 100% and if you forget to charge it at night, you only need 15 minutes to charge enough to make the battery charge up to 46% and can be used. all day.

Performance & Features

Oppo Watch is equipped with the Snapdragon Wear OS chipset which can be used with Android and iOS smartphones. Which is supported by 1GB RAM and 8GB of internal storage. It has 5ATM water resistance for the 46mm variant and 3ATM for the 41mm variant and both support NFC. this causes the Oppo Watch to run various features smoothly. As for the power saving mode, Oppo inserts an additional chip in this smartwatch, namely the Ambiq Micro’s Apollo3 Wireless SoC.

There are many sport modes that you can choose from via the Google Fit app. Oppo Watch can also help monitor your daily activities, such as counting the number of your steps, sleep time, calories burned, time to exercise, exercise sessions you do, schedule events, and your heart rate. With 4 optical sensors tuned for maximum accuracy, this smartwatch can monitor your heart rate around the clock. If something is disabled, then a vibrating alert will tell you what happened. Another feature that is no less important is the presence of an alarm reminder which when you sit too long, this smartwatch will remind you to move immediately and there is also an integrated breathing exercise feature that gives you a breathing exercise guide. You can sync your Oppo Watch training data to the HeyTap Heath app on your phone.

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There is one special feature that this smartwatch has, namely the AI ​​Watch Face. This feature can make the watch face look uniform with the clothes or outfit you are currently using. This is a simple but very attractive feature. The Oppo Watch also has a 5 minute workout feature that will feature visual movements complete with voice prompts. With a built-in GPS sensor, this smartwatch can record your jogging route even if you are not carrying your cellphone.


The first smartwatch from Oppo with a premium design and complete features. Using Wear OS with a strong battery life that can compete with other smartwatches. It has a special feature, the AI ​​Watch Face, at a competitive price of $ 320.85 (Rp.4,500,000) for the 46mm variant and $ 249.55 (Rp.3,500,000) for the 41mm variant.

OPPO Watch Specification :

Oppo Watch


Oppo Watch 46mm

Oppo Watch 41mm


46 x 39 x 11.35mm

41.45 x 36.37 x 11.4mm





AMOLED Flexible Dual-Curved Display

Rigid AMOLED Screen


402 x 476

320 x 360


430 mAh

300 mAh

Water Resistance






Rose Gold


Gorilla Glass 3


Snapdragon WearTM 3100 & Ambiq Micro Apollo3 Wireless SoC


Tri-axial acceleration sensor/Gyroscope sensor/Geomagnetic sensor/Barometric sensor/Optical heartbeat sensor/Capacitance sensor/Ambient light sensor

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