Oppo Enco Air2 Pro Review: Suitable for Work and Entertainment!

Oppo Enco Air2 Pro

During this post-pandemic period, we are used to doing various work activities online, such as office meetings. Apart from main devices such as laptops and smartphones, we also need other supporting devices such as TWS. Therefore, Oppo released their newest TWS product for the high-end level, called Oppo Enco Air2 Pro. This TWS has many interesting and comfortable technologies and features in the ear.

Oppo Enco Air2 Pro Design

Oppo Enco Air2 Pro

Comes with an ergonomic, slim, and lightweight design, making this TWS feel very comfortable in the ear. Equipped with a 12.4 mm diaphragm driver which has an 89% larger vibration area than a typical 9mm driver. Able to produce strong and deep bass, so that your audio experience becomes more real. These earbuds retain a high level of musical detail while boasting incredible power.

Thanks to a special diagonal structure design, these earbuds still look minimalist despite having a large diaphragm driver. There are also additional ear tips in 3 different sizes. You can choose which ear tips are suitable for your ears. Plus, the visible luminous reflective casing makes it the perfect accessory.

Oppo Enco Air2 Pro Features & Performance

Oppo Enco Air2 Pro
Source: oppo

TWS has equipped with ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) technology. This feature helps reduce the noise around you while using the earbuds. In addition, these earbuds have two noise-cancellation microphones and an AI call noise-cancellation algorithm. Able to increase the clarity of the user’s voice during calls. So that you can hear and be heard clearly in any condition. Oppo Enco Air2 Pro is able to separate and distinguish human voices and background noise. So that the sound that goes into the microphone will be clearer and clearer.

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You can also use these earbuds when exercising because they already have IP54 certification which is water and dust-resistant. There is also intelligent in-ear detection technology. These earbuds can automatically pause or resume music when you remove or put the earbuds back in. In addition, this device has a low latency of 94 ms, so your gaming experience becomes more enjoyable and smooth.

Battery life is also an important part of a TWS. For a single charge, you can listen to music for 7 hours and be active for up to 28 hours with the charging case. If you charge it for 10 minutes, you can listen to music for 2 hours.

How to Operate

How to connect this TWS to your smartphone is also very easy. The earbuds will connect automatically when you open the case. Not only that, these earbuds can be connected to two devices simultaneously. Just touch and hold the earbuds to switch between devices. Has Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity with a range of 10 meters.

There are several touch controls that you can use on these earbuds. Touch once to pause/play music. Double tap to hang up/reject the call or skip to the next song. Triple tap for voice assistance. Touch and hold for 1 second to switch to noise canceling mode. Touch and hold for 4 seconds to increase/decrease volume or switch between devices.

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Comes in 3 color variants, namely white and gray. This TWS is perfect for those of you who want a TWS that can be used for both work and entertainment. If you are interested in owning it, the Oppo Enco Air2 Pro sells for US$71.53. This is one of the TWS that you should consider when you want to buy TWS.

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