OnePlus 10T Will Miss Two Featured Features

OnePlus 10T

Recently, OnePlus announced the launch date of OnePlus 10T. But there is some surprising information. From the very beginning, the OnePlus smartphone series has always prioritized performance at an affordable price. But then his focus slowly changed. It comes with a premium design with a Hasselblad camera, and a price that is on par with competitors like Samsung. The CEO said that the changes needed to be made to increase competitiveness.

The presence of the 10T series is arguably the company’s way to re-present a smartphone with flagship performance at a more affordable price. However, OnePlus was forced to remove two excellent features from the previous series.

OnePlus 10T Will Have Superior Fast Charging

OnePlus 10T

In terms of design, this smartphone is very similar to its most premium offering. The black color option will have a special texture, while the green color uses a glossy surface. There is no information regarding the materials used. In the photo above, it can be seen that the left and right sides look simple. OnePlus decided not to embed an alert slider. The alert slider is a sliding button that can be used to quickly change sound profiles. No need to unlock the screen or press the volume buttons, just slide the slider and the notification sounds and calls will be silent. Why is the alert slider button omitted? The reason is to save space to present other features.

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This smartphone will have a thin body with excellent features for fast charging, namely two charging pump cores which there is only one in the OnePlus 10 Pro series. This information indicates the use of a faster input, which is 150W. in addition, this series will also have an antenna system with 15 separate hardware. Ensures excellent signal capture when the device is held horizontally.

Flagship Camera Sensor Still There

OnePlus 10T

The second change is seen in the camera module. With three large sensors, there are no extra brands around. That’s because they didn’t bring the camera system from Hasselblad.┬áHope Liu, Chief Designer of OnePlus said, “This is so that vendors can reduce selling prices, while still offering good camera quality.”

Without the help of Hasselblad, at least the camera sensor is still quite competitive, namely the 50MP Sony IMX766 with a combination of OIS and EIS. For capturing quality photos and videos in a variety of lighting conditions. Paired with a 120-degree Ultra-Wide sensor and a macro camera, each of which has not been mentioned in the resolution.

This smartphone will also take advantage of the latest Image Clarity Engine 2.0 with a special algorithm to take photos faster and in more detail. In one shot, the camera sensor will automatically take dozens of different photos. Then they are instantaneously combined for a greater dynamic range. OnePlus 10T will be released on August 3rd, both globally and specifically for consumers in India.

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