ONE UI Watch, Samsung’s New Smartwatch Operating System

ONE UI Watch

Samsung has revealed their latest operating system for smartwatches called One UI Watch. Exhibited in a virtual event at MWC 2021. The One UI Watch is based on Google’s Wear OS. Leaving the Tizen OS that they previously used on their smartwatch. In the virtual event, Samsung did not release any new devices. It is likely that the new Galaxy Watch 4 will be released at the Unpacked event.

Samsung is only showing off the display of the One UI Watch which is an interface built on top of Wear OS. Like the One UI used by Samsung Android phones. The goal is to provide a consistent user experience and display across the device it builds.

ONE UI Watch.

Because it is based on Wear OS, the smartwatch integration with Android phones will be better than the Tizen that was previously used. For example, if a user installs an app on their phone, the app will also be installed on their smartwatch. Then the synchronization between the smartwatch and the phone will also be more seamless.

The advantage of using Wear OS over Tizen is also better app compatibility. For example, several popular applications such as Clam, Strava, Youtube Music, Spotify, and Google Maps will be available on the Galaxy Watch. Samsung promises Galaxy Watch battery life will be better and faster performance because of the use of Wear OS.

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However, to differentiate the ONE UI Watch from other Wear OS devices, Samsung will present new software for designers to design watch faces. Chances are, a Galaxy Watch device with ONE UI Watch will be released in August. Reportedly it will have features such as body fat and muscle mass measurements.


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