Olike Zeth W1, Premium Display and Affordable Prices

Olike Zeth W1

The presence of a smartwatch makes people no longer view watches as just a timepiece. Smartwatches can now also help someone to maintain their health by monitoring the information on the smartwatch. Smartwatches are also the perfect match for smartphones. Therefore, Olike Zeth W1 is here to bring two roles together.

This smartwatch is indeed not the first Olike product that was launched in early 2022. Previously, the Olike Bluetooth speaker line was inaugurated in various price segments. You can also get this smartwatch at an affordable price.

For information, in November 2021, OASE officially merged with Olike as a company engaged in the IoT, Edutech, and Homefields. Both agreed to continue to launch products under the name Olike. The presence of this smartwatch is also due to the increasing level of public awareness for healthy living.

Supporting 15 Sports Modes

Olike Zeth W1

Anthoni Roderick P, as Public Relations of Olike Indonesia, said “A healthier life experience and modern lifestyle are what Olike considers in launching the Olike Zeth W1 product”. Oilke Zeth W1 has health features that are quite complete in its class. This smartwatch also supports “real-time health monitoring”. This smartwatch can find out information on heart rate, the number of steps, blood pressure, blood oxygen levels (SpO2), and sleep quality. It also includes a feature to regulate breathing to stress levels.

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If you want to wear it to exercise, there are 15 types that can be detected. From running to cycling. This smartwatch also has IP67 certification. It also supports a new feature, namely MET (Metabolic Equivalents Task). This feature serves to measure the intensity and energy expenditure physiologically, after doing physical activity. There will be a unit value that will appear when you finish exercising.

Olike Zeth W1 Has a Metal Body

Olike Zeth W1

Usually, smartwatches at affordable prices have a standard and boring appearance. However, Olike himself dares to excel in the appearance of this smartwatch, where the body uses a combination of metal and ABS materials. There are two color options that you can choose, namely gold with a brown leather strap or gray with a black leather strap. The thickness of this smartwatch is10.5mm with a body diameter of 41mm.

The dimensions of the screen are 1.32 inches and have used an AMOLED type panel. Besides being able to provide richer colors and contrasts, it is also of course more energy efficient. If you want to personalize the watch face, you can go through the watch face options that are already available in hundreds.

If you are interested in owning this smartwatch, you can get it for $53.03. You can get it at the official Olike through Shopee e-commerce. In the future, Olike will bring other smartwatch variants that are suitable for different types of consumers.

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