Olike Wireless Headphones H1 & TWS Sound Pellet T102

Olike Headphone Wireless H1

OASE Technology Asia launched two new audio products, namely the Olike Headphones Wireless H1 and TWS Sound Pellet T102. Both of these products have affordable prices. It seems like it’s been a long time since Olike released an audio problem product with an over-ear model. This time, Olike completes all the personal audio model choices by presenting the H1 Headphones and TWS Sound Pellet.

Olike Wireless Headphones H1

Olike Headphones H1

This headphone has an over-the-ear model that uses soft imitation leather on the ear. In addition, to play mode from a Bluetooth connection, there is also a Micro SD Card port of up to 32 GB. This headphone has a large audio driver, which is 40mm, resulting in a comfortable sound quality on the ear.

There are 4 buttons that make it easy to control music. The four buttons are the M or Play Mode button, the next song/increase volume button, the previous song/decrease volume button, and the on-off/play or pause music button. Another advantage of this device is the folding design, which means it can be folded. So it’s easier to carry anywhere.

The battery capacity of these headphones is 200 mAh which can last up to 7 hours of use. You can already get this device in various official marketplaces for Olike and several partners. The H1 Wireless Headphones retail for US$10,23.

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TWS Sound Pellet T102

TWS Sound Pellet T102

This TWS is suitable for the active lifestyle of young people without worrying about the TWS being released. Not only that, but this TWS also has IPX4 splashproof certification which is splashproof and sweat resistant. So it is perfect for those of you who like to exercise while listening to music. There is also a smart tap control feature on each bud for music settings and volume settings without having to change them from a smartphone.

This TWS has a 10mm audio driver, so it can produce bass and treble sounds that are comfortable on the ears. For durability, this TWS has a charging case capacity of 250 mAh and 25 mAh for each earbud. Can last up to 4 hours of use. TWS Sound Pellet T102 sells for US$10,87.

The two products above already have Bluetooth 5.3. So that the connection to the smartphone will be more stable, power efficient, anti-delay, and the range becomes wider. Both also have Hi-Fi stereo audio features because the driver size is quite large.

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