Olike Song X, Has a Unique Swivel Roll Design

Olike Song X

Wireless audio devices are now increasingly in demand. With wireless technology, you don’t have to worry about conventional wired coverage. And now, Olike Indonesia presents a new TWS called Olike Song X. Of course this TWS has a difference from other TWS so that consumers are more interested.

In terms of design, this TWS has stolen the attention, with a different appearance from TWS in general. Anthoni Roderick P, as Public Relations of OASE, said that this latest device was presented as an “Ice Breaker”. Bringing a design that is very fresh and different from those on the market.

The Advantages of The Olike Song X

Olike Song X

This device is the first Olike product as a new brand. Comes with an attractive design, using Star Ring and Swivel Roll models inspired by outer space planets. Comes in three different color choices, namely Coral Orange, Olive Green, and Luxury Black. Unlike TWS in general, the way to open it is a bit unique. You can open it by turning the inside of the device to open and close it. Not an open and close mechanism with a cover at the top like other TWS. The charging case uses premium material, namely stainless steel. Gives a solid impression like expensive audio accessories. The dimensions are quite compact with a thickness of 21mm.

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This device also supports wireless charging. This feature is generally present on TWS devices priced over $69.59. The port also uses USB Type-C. The pairing process is also quite easy. After playing, the device will be immediately detected on your smartphone with the name “Song X”.

The earbuds are in-ear type, with rubber ear tips inside, plus LED lights which are claimed to make users more expressive. Each earbud is powered by a 6mm diameter dynamic driver. using metal vibration membrane material for distortion-free bass and treble quality. Even though they don’t have ANC, these earbuds are designed to block outside sounds through Perfect Noise Isolation technology. Meanwhile, to control music and calls, you can tap the outside of the earbuds.


Olike Song X

Comes with a relatively large battery capacity, which is 440 mAh in the casing and 40 mAh in each earbud. Can be used to listen to music for up to a total time of 25 hours. You can get Olike Song X online for around $55.60. Available through the OASE Official Store on the Shopee Indonesia e-commerce site.

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