Olike Beatz SF4 Review: Affordable Price and Complete Features

Olike Beatz SF4

In today’s era, there are many sophisticated wireless devices that have sprung up. This is to make it easier for us when doing outdoor activities. Including the presence of wireless portable audio called Olike Beatz SF4. In general, an affordable Bluetooth speaker has a modest appearance, features, and sober sound quality. However, the Beatz SF4 exists to refute that statement. Here’s the review.

Olike Beatz SF4 Design

This portable speaker has lightweight, which is only 272 grams. Making it easy to carry anywhere and anytime. The design uses a plastic material that makes it non-slip when held in one hand.

Comes with two color choices, namely black and blue. At the bottom, there are two rubber strips that make it not easy to fall when placed. While on the right side, it is integrated with a strap which allows this device to be hung anywhere. At the top, there are various buttons to control this device. While on the back there are a number of ports and power switches. The front is made plain but also looks stylish.

Features and Audio Quality

One of the advantages of this device is the colorful lighting effects on the front. Using the RGB setup, there are six modes that you can use. The modes and lighting effects shown don’t look cheap at all. It’s not yet able to follow the beat of the song automatically, but the lighting effects seem to be able to provide a more enjoyable experience. You can also use the lamp to illuminate the bedroom at night.

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Not only that but there is also a TWS mode, where you can pair one Beatz SF4 unit with another unit for a more enjoyable stereo sound effect. To do this, you only need to press and hold the “M” button to connect between units.

Olike Beatz SF4.

Present as one of the affordable wireless portable audio options, you can’t expect too high sound quality. This device has a 45mm driver with a 5W output. Even though it looks like there are two of them, in fact, there is only one driver on this speaker, which is on the left. The details that are released are not the best, especially when you play songs with complex instruments.

When playing folk songs, the audio quality is pretty good. The bass boom can be heard according to the size of the driver. At least this device can make a very loud sound when needed. Especially when two units are connected via TWS mode. It will feel great for outdoor activities.

How to Operate Olike Beatz SF4

Olike Beatz SF4,

How operate this device is very easy. This device supports a Bluetooth 5.0 connection which means it has a stable connection over a long distance. Apart from the wireless option, you can also play music files stored on a flash drive or microSD. Unfortunately, there is no 3.5mm audio jack port on this device.

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The file format that is supported when using the two media is mp3. Meanwhile, to switch between modes, you have to press the “M” button. Apart from that, there is also a “+-” button to control the volume and switch songs/radio frequency, and a Play button which can also be used to change the light effect. When your smartphone is connected to Bluetooth, you don’t need to do the re-pairing process later.

Another advantage of this device is its battery life. Comes with a battery capacity of 1200 mAh, claimed to be able to play songs for up to 10 hours at 80% volume. As for charging, there is a micro-USB port on the back of the device. It takes about 3 hours to charge to 100%.


Indeed, there are many Bluetooth speakers at affordable prices on the market, but with makeshift designs and features. Olike Beatz SF4 is here to provide more interesting choices. In appearance and features, this one device is very complete for a Bluetooth speaker at an affordable price. It has a long battery life, making it perfect for a full day of outdoor use. Interested to have it? The Olike Beatz SF4 sells for just US$13.22. Very affordable isn’t it?



  • Stylish design
  • TWS mode
  • Colorful lighting effects
  • Lasting battery
  • Affordable prices


  • The audio quality is mediocre
  • There is no 3.5mm audio jack port


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